he is a a evovlution experiment created by cortex he has the strength annd brains of crunch and speed of crash cortex used 3 gems 4 crystals and 9 time relics to create him so Brash has power over time but he betrayed cortex and traveled back to the past and to destroy crash and when he did the Time space continum was destroyed and the only land was timespace Island which is ruled By brash in the future crash deicided he need to find uka-uka ,crunch and aku-aku they a old cortex with a working evolvo-ray he fired the ray on aku-aku and uka uka they became lord aku-uka next they went to the elementals temple and awoken all of them and said look what left of the planet we need to stop him they agreed to help then crunch said look brash is getting his sleep on take the the relics,crystals and gems out of him aku-uka then pulled them out of him and then he devovled and it was stopped