Burn Bandicoot
Vital statistics
Real name Nenshouhi Bandicoot
Full name Nenshouhi Yomato "Burn" Bandicoot
Alias Burn/Burnsmere
Age 16
Species Japanese Brown Bandicoot/Cyborg
Production details
Created by
(real life)
First appearance Crash: Chasing Shinrai (Official)

Nenshouhi Yomato "Burn" Bandicoot is the leader of the M-Force, a multi-service, 12-member group of teenagers (Mostly mutants and one robot). He is a samurai.


Burn is a mighty warrior (Possibly the mightiest) of N. Igma Island. He is the leader of the M-Force. His main priority is to ensure the safety of those who live on or visit the island. He spent most of his life figuring out who his is and what his destiny was. He keeps to himself most of the time, but is not afraid to open up. He follows a personal code of honor.


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