C.cret Island
Vital statistics
Type Secret Island
Location Australia
Inhabitants Bandicoots, Echidnas, Cassowaries, Dingos, Crocodiles,Thorny Devils and much more.

C.cret Island is a Island that is very hard to find. Crash's parents Clash Bandicoot and Candy Bandicoot were born there.


There's not much history to C.cret Island until it's a secret and lost Island but Crash's parents was born there and Dingodile's unmutated form animals was there, a dingo and a crocodile, in other meanings Dr. Cortex captured a dingo and a crocodile to create Dingodile. A echidna named Itchy Echidna, who was born there and is elected as president of C.cret Island. Also a famous wrestler Thorny Devil, who's name is Sizzle but most people call him the Thorn.


C.cret Island


Caves, lakes,desserts, and mostly forests.


Clash Bandicoot Candy Bandicoot, Dingodile , President Itchy Echidna , Sizzle the wrestling Thorny Devil.

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Beware of Dingos, Crocodiles and Cassowaries.


C.cret Fruit (contains magic that makes people invisible) (C.cret fruit just gives crocodiles bad gas)

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