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From Left to Right: Lockbolt, Nina Cortex, Markus Kaine, Liza Conrail, P.J., Renton Kyson, Jessica Turnry, Andelina, Henry Chistoph, with N. Igma behind them|200px]]

Vital statistics
Age Around 15/16
Species Humans (mostly)

In old schools, the teacher was the most important and he was always superior to his students, who hadn't any right and their opinions were meanless, there was even a little plattaform for make this superiority visible, no one student could be up his teacher... But THIS, is not Jonathan Necros Igma's reality.


Lockian BoltielEdit

(A.K.A.: Lockbolt)

Main Article: Lockbolt

Man-eating gargoyle desguised as a human lockbolt likes Nina Cortex

Nina CortexEdit

Main Article: Nina Cortex

We all know who she is. Cyborg goth girl and the niece of Dr. Neo Cortex. Has a grudge against her teacher. And possible future ruler of the world.

Markus KaineEdit

(A.K.A.: Slash)

Main Article: Slash

Bit of a punk who wears his sunglasses indoors and at night. An amiable mocking talker, and quick to comeback. He's able to frustrate people easily.

Liza ConrailEdit

Zombie girl. Igma accidently killed her and had to reanimate her as a zombie. Hopefully her parents wont notice.

Alias Pernjabin Jr.Edit

(A.K.A.: P.J.)

Half human, half alien. The son of Capt. Pernjabin, who is the ferryman who operates the boat that carries people between the N.Sanity Islands. P.J. is the least evil of Igma's students.

Renton KysonEdit

More physical than intellectual. He's a one eyed guy who would rather take orders than give then. He's into martial arts and weaponry.

Jessica TurnryEdit

Friends with nina and she has the stare of DEATH


(A.K.A.: Andy)

Main Article: Andelina

Dingodile’s sister who can shapeshift into a human. She's very hyperactive.

Henry ChristophEdit

Future homicidal maniac in the making. A hyperactive boy who loves to play pranks On Nina And Jessica