Crash twinsanity render 6 crash png by jerimiahisaiah-d8cnm9u
Classic Crash Bandicoot ​is the past self of Crash Bandicoot from Crash Twinsanity onwards and is voiced by Steve Blum. Classic Crash lives on N. Sanity Island with his sister Coco Bandicoot and friend Crunch Bandicoot and also father figure Aku Aku.

Classic Crash loves to take naps and sleep all day on N. Sanity Beach and also loves to dig holes and eat Wumpa Fruit and ride on Polar and also Baby T. Classic Crash also loves to ride on his motorbike Running Shoes as well, break crates and collect Crystals, Gems and Relics.

Unlike his future self Classic Crash is the ionic character and the Crash Bandicoot we all know and love. Classic Crash is nothing like Modern Crash Bandicoot and they are very different but Classic Crash will one day become his future self.

In Crash Bandicoot Past and Future Classic Crash is walking across N. Sanity Beach and wishes to reconnect with his former girlfriend Tawna Bandicoot as she dumped him years ago for Pinstripe Potoroo. Classic Crash receives a letter from her in a wine bottle which washes up ashore N. Sanity Beach as Classic Crash and Aku Aku go to find Tawna they are kidnapped by a strange vortex. Classic Crash ends up in a Hyperspace Temple in outer space which is a massive warp room complex and Classic Crash will have to team up with his future self to save the universe.

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