Dr. Neo Cortex Twinsanity

Classic Doctor Neo Cortex.

Classic Doctor Neo Cortex is the classical version of Doctor Neo Cortex from Crash Twinsanity onwards and is voiced by Lex Lang. Classic Cortex is nothing like his future self and is flamboyant and a chicken and also cocky and ruled over by Uka Uka and always has been and always will be. Classic Cortex lives across the Tasmanian Islands the islands he owned long ago. Classic Crash Bandicootlf thinks it's a grand idea and severs ties with Uka Uka and brings in Classic N. Trophy to help with this grand plan. Classic and Modern Cortex utilize the time travel technology and kidnap Modern and Classic Crash Bandicoots friends and family to a hyperspace warp room located in outer space but Classic and Modern Cortex stay in the shadows and watch as both Classic and Modern Crash venture throughout the warp room to rescue there friends and family.

In Crash Bandicoot Past and Future Classic Cortex uses the Mecha-Bandicoot to fight Classic Crash and uses Tawna Bandicoot as a hostage and as bait but Classic Crash defeats Classic Cortex and Classic Cortex escapes with the aid of the time vortex with the damaged Mecha-Bandicoot. Classic Cortex reappears at the end of the game inside the Cortexbot with Modern Doctor Neo Cortex and they both unleash the total event collapse which brings about the end of the universe and the final climatic battle happens between both Cortex's and Modern Crash Bandicoot and Classic Crash Bandicoot which results in the restoration of the universe and the destruction of the Cortexbot and the hyperspace warp room and as a result of this Classic Cortex is imprisoned with his future self as prisoners of time again outside the newly restored universe.

In Crash Bandicoot GO the time prison breaks down and Classic Cortex is able to return to his own time and severs ties with his future self and wants vengeance against Crash Bandicoot. Cortex enlists Pinstripe Potoroo and Rilla Roo to help him and Cortex has them kidnap Tawna Bandicoot once again but this time the whole Bandicoot family go an adventure to rescue Tawna and they defeat Pinstripe and Rilla Roo.

Cortex confronts them with a newly constructed Mecha-Bandicoot which is badly damaged and turns into a spaceship and the fight continues in outer space above Earth but Cortex is defeated and retreats into a newly constructed Cortex Vortex where Tawna is being held and the Bandicoot family break in and rescue Tawna but Cortex gives chase in the Cortex Vortex which breaks up in Earths atmosphere and crashes into the Mojo temple releasing the substance of Mojo and scattering it across Wumpa Island. After this incident Classic Cortex eventually became Modern Doctor Neo Cortex.

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