Claudia Patterson
Vital statistics
Full name Claudia Irina Patterson
Age Mid 20's
Species Human
Production details
Created by
(real life)
Voiced by Gwendoline Yeo

Claudia Irina Patterson is the current Psychology teacher of the Academy of Evil, created by deviantART user JenL


Orphaned at birth, (her father was unknown and her mother was killed shortly after giving birth) Claudia lived in an orphanage until about 6 years old when the boarding school known as The Academy of Evil would take her. The orphanage didn’t want her anymore because they thought she was insane. (She was always talking about monsters hiding in the shadows and watching her at night.) The Academy of Evil was the only school willing to take Claudia since other schools didn’t want a “crazy” kid. (Oddly, the Janitor was hired the same year Claudia enrolled at the Academy.)

During her time as a student at the Academy she was usually one of the top ranked students in all her classes as well as one of the more popular kids around. After graduation from the Academy she didn't go off to college. Instead she was trained by the principal Madam Amberley to be the psychology teacher.

Claudia is trained as a villian for active works of evil, but currently she remains at the Academy of Evil as a teacher.