Crash Bandicoot:Timetwister
Crash Bandicoot Timetwister
Developer(s) Doğa Can Yanıkoğlu, Сергей Панин and Joshua Greenhough and CRASHARKI.
Platform(s) PC
Release date 2018 or 2019 but the developers cancelled the project.
Genre Adventure/Platformer
Rating(s) E
Mode(s) Single player
Crash Bandicoot: Timetwister was a fan game developed by Doğa Can Yanıkoğlu, Сергей Панин and Joshua Greenhough and also CRASHARKI. The music was going to be done by Lucas Hinz and the game was going to be a remake of the 1998 video game Crash Bandicoot: Warped which was developed by Naughty Dog.


Crash Bandicoot:Timetwister began development on 23 December 2015 by Doğa Can Yanıkoğlu and the game was being built in the game engine Unreal Engine 4. Doğa brought in Сергей Панин and Joshua Greenhough and also CRASHARKI to help him with the project and also Lucas Hinz to do the music which would be remastered/remixed versions of Josh Mancells music from Crash Bandicoot Warped.

The remake would of included 5 different levels from 5 different warp zones the Warp Room which connected all of these levels and all of the boss levels from the original game. What got done was 2 levels from the original game actually got fully programmed and were playable which was Tomb Wader and Gone Tomorrow and also the Warp Room was programmed though only half of it was done and Makin Waves was playable but the level was scrapped from the game and the Tiny Tiger boss was in the works before the game was cancelled.

Levels that were going to be in the game are below:

Toad Village

Hang'em High

Tomb Wader (Completed/Playable)

Gone Tomorrow (Completed/Playable)

Makin' Waves (Cancelled/Scrapped), Another level featuring Coco Bandicoot was going to replace this level but since the game was cancelled the name of the level was never announced. 

Warp Room (Work in Progress/Cancelled)

Tiny Tiger (Work in Progress/Cancelled)


Doctor N. Gin

Doctor N. Trophy

Doctor Neo Cortex

Development for the game was going well with Tomb Wader and Gone Tomorrow fully playable but Makin' Waves had to be scrapped due to problems in water buoyancy algorithms and another level featuring Coco Bandicoot would of replaced this level but was never announced. The Warp Room was half done and the Tiny Tiger boss fight was in the works to.

Lucas Hinz done the Timetwister Warp Room main theme, Gone Tomorrow theme, Tomb Wader theme, Makin Waves theme, Tiny Tiger boss fight theme and finally started work on Hang' em High theme. But in June 2016 at E3 Sony and Activision announced the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy which was the remakes of the first three Crash games by Naughty Dog and Vicarious Visions was handling the remakes.

This did not effect the development of Crash Bandicoot: Timetwister and the developers announced they were happy and congratulated the return of Crash Bandicoot and they carried on working on there game.


On 2 February 2017 Doğa Can Yanıkoğlu announced Crash Bandicoot:Timetwister had been cancelled due to the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy and also they wanted to focus on more noticeable works and most of the development team have now left the project altogether.

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