Crash Bandicoot: 3D Adventure was an Video Game that only Released in Nintendo 3ds. it is Developed by Activision and Radical Entertainment, it marks First appearcane of ProStar (the Character in Pre-beta version of Crash Bandicoot 1) in a Handheld Game. Crash Bandicoot: 3D Adventure was known as Crash Twinsanity 2 in North America (except Canada).


This plot start out with Crash Bandicoot Enjoying his Hobbie until ProStar Crashes into Earth on N. Sanity Island.

Crash Bandicoot Found ProStar in The area where Crash bandicoot Plays his Hobbie (This Video Game is Crash Twinsanity), ProStar Finally Wakes Up and Jumped in front of Crash Bandicoot, ProStar shake his Head Which makes Him confused, Crash Bandicoot Attempted to Make Contact With ProStar But ProStar Makes a Power (that Enabled Him and Crash Bandicoot To Do Things that Crash Bandicoot Cannot Do in Previous Video Games Such as Grabbing Enemies, Makes Crash bandicoot's Mouth Fire on enemies, Etc.), Crash Bandicoot manages to Talk to Aku-Aku about ProStar, But Aku-Aku feels Not Angry unless ProStar Annoys Aku-Aku. But Dr. Neo Cortex makes Comment on ProStar and Crash Bandicoot. Dr. Neo Cortex Decided to take over the world. Will Crash Bandicoot and ProStar Stop Dr. Neo Cortex from Taking over The world?