Crash Bandicoot: Back in Action is a 2016 video game to commemorate Crash's 20th Anniversary.


With Crash inactive for eight years, Cortex and his minions have gathered all the crystals. Coco made a Warp Room to take the crystals from the villains and prevent Cortex from conquering Earth.


# Name Player Collectables Boss
1 N. Sanity Jungle Crash Crystal, Box Gem, Relic Papu Papu
2 Arctic Iceberg Crash Bearminator
3 Rocky Caverns Crunch Tiny Tiger
4 Bouncy Way Crash Ripper Roo
5 Italy Town Coco Pinstripe
6 Samurai Kingdom Crash Komodo Bros
7 Mt. Volcano Crash Dingodile
8 Cavern Mines Crunch Koala Kong
9 Hybrid Zoo Crash Rilla Roo
10 Terra Forest Crunch Krunk
11 Temple of Elements Crunch The Elementals
12 Rusty Ship Crash Rusty Walrus
13 Hypno Fortress Crash N. Trance
14 Fenomina Clock Crash Norm
15 Time Warp Crash Dr. Nefarious Tropy
16 Gasmoxia City Crash Zem and Zam
17 Ruins of Barin Coco Nash
18 Robo Alley Coco Geary
19 Galactic Track Crash Emperor Velo
20 Alien Speedway Crash Nitros Oxide
21 Academy Campus Coco Nina Cortex
22 Missle Factory Coco Dr. N. Gin
23 Chemical Factory Crash Dr. Nitrus Brio
24 Ancient Temple Crash Uka Uka
25 Neo Castle Crash Dr. Neo Cortex

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