Crash Bandicoot: Doomsday is a horror game for Nintendo and Gameboy Advance. It's rated 16+ at PEGI. Plot is same as in Slenderman.


N. Tropy have made a new machine to take over the world. But the machine went berserk and now it made a monster, that will kill humans and animals immediately, when it finds a human. Now N. Tropy let this monster to freedom and now it's trying to find Crash!


Crash walks around the forest. He must find few pieces of map, so, he can find N. Tropy's base and defeat him. There's only 3 pieces, but like in Slenderman, the monster chases you and if it gets you, you'll have game over.

If you get all of the pieces, you will be automatically transported to N. Tropy's base, but monster is still chasing you. Now you must find N. Tropy's portrait of his own face and click and you'll be transported automatically to N. Tropy's room, where he is. The battle is super easy. You only have to attack him few times. He doesn't attack to you. When he's defeated, you will be transported back to N. Sanity Island, but when you get in there, island is on fire and humans are dead. Then you'll be able to hear N. Tropy's evil laugh at ending. When credits comes, N. Tropy says this: "You haven't met my darker side yet. Maybe you wanna see it, my dear?". When credits ends, he'll say Homer Simpson's catchphrase "D'oh!", when he notices that, he doesn't have any tea or any dark side.


  • N. Tropy looks more scarier and more sinister in this game.
  • Monster has got two eyes, but only one ear and three hands.
  • In one piece of map, there's a small picture of Cortex, behind the paper.
  • N. Tropy seems to be more aggressive in this game.
    • But in ending, N. Tropy is calm and little shy.
  • Even though, N. Gin or N. Brio doesn't appear in this game, their shadows appears in forest. 

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