Crash Bandicoot: Hearts Together-game has got many quotes.

Unima's quotesEdit

(At story)

Unima: HA! I GOT IT! IT'S.... Clock? Damn! I thought, I would find something nice... *sighs, then wears it to his left arm*

Unima: Wha-what's happening to me!!? *terrified voice*

Unima: GAAAHHHH!!! *disappears*

N. Tropy's quotesEdit

(At intro)

N. Tropy: *sighs* I'm kinda bored now as always, after I fail to that miserable rat! *phone rings*

N. Tropy: Now what!!? *angry voice* *takes phone*

N. Tropy: NEFFY! My dear sister!.. 

N. Tropy: *reply to Neffy's greetings and sad news* What? You're sick? Where do you live now?...

N. Tropy: *reply to Neffy's homeplace-comment* London? That's the same town, we lived, eh?... *nervous laugh, then sighs* I'll come immediately! Bye! *teleports to London*

(at clock-shop)

N. Tropy: Hmm.. that clock is pretty nice. I'll buy it!

N. Tropy: I'll wear it now to my right arm... *wears the clock*

N. Tropy: GAAAHH!!!!! *spirit takes his body*

(at ending)

N. Tropy: Wha-what happened?...

N. Tropy: *pouts* Of course, "he" said it.. well, you rats actually saved my life. If Unima would have been killed me, I would be dead man now. What I can do for you? *asks angrily*

N. Tropy: *reply to Coco's comment* What!!? EWW! No! I don't want to kiss you! What if I only stop calling you "rats"? 

N. Tropy: *reply to Coco's comment* *mumbles* Very well, then... *kisses Coco to her left cheek*

N. Tropy: *looks at Coco* Oh, blimey!

Neffy's quotesEdit

(At intro)

Neffy: Hello big brother! It's been long time, when we talked to each other, eh? *sighs* Well, I'm in big trouble now. I'm getting sick. I don't have anyone here to take care of me.

Neffy: *reply to N. Tropy's question of homeplace* I live still in London.

Neffy: Come soon! *coughs, then phone gets broken*

Coco's quotesEdit

(At intro)

Coco: Cortex! Stop teasing us! What do you want?

Coco: *reply to Cortex's news* N. Tropy is always silent and idiot... *laughs* Well, what can we do then?

Coco: *reply to Cortex's mission* YAY! We'll do it! Right, Crash?

(At Practice Garden)

Coco: Crash! Before we go and defeat Dr. N. Tropy, you must learn some new moves! You may know jump already. Well, parctice is always good for ya! Press X-button to jump! Press it twice to make double jump!

Coco: *comment to Crash's jump* Good! Now the rest! Press O-button to dodge attacks, press triangle-button to talk or make an action and then press square-button to make attack? You got it?

Coco: YAY! That's right! Now we can go! Walk to that sign and click "Yes"-option to continue!

(at ending)

Coco: You became a monster. Cortex said that, you acted strange... *angry face* 

Coco: *reply to N. Tropy's comment* Uhmm... you can do one thing! Kiss me to my left cheek and stop calling us "rats"! 

Coco: *reply to N. Tropy's comment* NOW KISS ME TO MY LEFT CHEEK! *yells*

Coco: *faints by N. Tropy's kiss*

Crash's quotesEdit

(at intro)

Crash: *reply to Coco's comment* Kwabalerb (very well, then).... *sighs*

(at ending)

Crash: *laughs at Coco and Tropy*

Cortex's quotesEdit

(at intro)

Cortex: Hello miserab... err... my friend, Crash! Hi Coco! *grins evilly and holds Ray-Gun*

Cortex: *reply to Coco's yelling* Calm down, Coco! I didn't come here to tease you! I came to tell some news to you. It's about N. Tropy. *mumbles* That idiot... *stops mumbling, then coughs* He's been acting strange lately. He's now silent, bad-tempered and he's kinda angry! It's weird. He has got weird clock at his arm though...

Cortex: *reply to Coco's comment* I shall give you a mission! Defeat him! *grins evilly*

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