Crash Bandicoot: Jacked into Dreams is anime telling about Crash, who started to see nightmares and now starts to instigate them. Anime is mature and it's not for little kids.


One night, Crash was sleeping at his home. He saw weird nightmare at night. He saw himself in white house with no windows, front door or back door. There was only three big rooms, one small room and very small cellar. Crash was in cellar in his nightmare. There was also N. Tropy, N. Gin and N. Trance in cellar. They were all confused. Then man called "Mad Killer" arrived. Dream stopped. Coco arrived to Crash's room and he saw him scared. Coco asked "What happened?". Crash, of course, tried to keep the dream as secret. He didn't say anything. Coco understood and went back to her room. Then Crash escaped from his house. Aku Aku followed him and tried to find out, what was happening.

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You can continue this article!

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