Crash Bandicoot: Magical Adventures
Crash, Coco, Crunch, Cortex, Nina, Pasadena, Zam, Komodo Joe, Dingodile and Tiny Tiger
Main villains
Nitrous Oxide, Zem
Secondary characters
Papu Papu, Tribesman, Polar, Pura, Farmer Ernest
26 (28 in the last season)



Crash makes it to the small screen! Join him and more characters onto their way to make justice rule the world.


Crash BandicootEdit

He's the main character of the story he'll defeat anyone who stands on his way. He's specialized in dark magic (more agressive than protective). When gainign Power of the Crystals, He Turns into Tiki Crash and After fighting as Tiki Crash He Turns Back Into Crash.

Coco BandicootEdit

She's the one who invented the magical potions. She's especialized in both type of magic.

Crunch BandicootEdit

Crunch always defends his siblings leaving the rest to defend by itself. He's specialized in dark magic.

Dr. Neo CortexEdit

He's not specialized in any kind of magic while defending himself with a special sword

Nina CortexEdit

She's always doing something to defend everyone. She's specialized in white magic (more protective than agressive)


Zam has appeared in a escape spaceship and crashed in Wumpa Island. He's specialized in both type of magic.

Pasadena O' PossumEdit

Pasadena always is confusing spells. She's specialized in dark magic


Dingodile helps Crash and his friends (after being defeated)to find someone that helps them. He's specialized in white magic.

Tiny TigerEdit

Tiny also helps Crash and his friends (after being defeated)to find someone that helps them. He's specialized in white magic.

Komodo JoeEdit

Joe also helps Crash and his friends (after being defeated)to find someone that helps them. He's specialized in white magic.

Polar and PuraEdit

Both of them have been living in Papu's Native Fortress. They followed Crash and his friends to Gasmoxia.

Farmer ErnestEdit

He thinks that Crash hates him. So, he makes him and his friends to work in his farm until he finds someone that could help them.

Papu Papu and tribesmenEdit

Papu Papu and his tribesmen help Crash on his way to Gasmoxia.

Nitrous OxideEdit

Oxide became very powerful after he drinked the potions. He destroyed Wumpa Island. He plans to destroy N. Sanity Island.


Zem acts as an assistant of Oxide. He's Cortex natural enemy.

Season 1Edit

Episodes Plot
Amazing! Cortex is good! Crash finally finds Cortex and they confront each other. Cortex gives up and ends up being good.
Bash! The fight between Crunch and Cortex. Coco and Crunch don't believe that Cortex is good. Later, Coco believes him but Crunch doesn't, so Crunch confronts Cortex and they end destroying Cortex's Castle.
Crash! I'm powerful! Coco tries an experiment on Crash and he ends up with dark magical powers. Then Crunch tries it and she ends up with dark magical powers too, but Coco ends up with white magical powers!
Darn! Nina's wrath! Nina escapes from the Evil Public School and she wants a revenge against her uncle. But she has white magical powers
Crunch! The Battle for the Crystal. Nina Lied to Crunch that Crash stole the magic and now Crunch must fight Crash, but then in the end, he realises it was all a lie.
Fantastic! We can talk! Crash and Zam can finally talk. Zam explains the characters that Oxide is trying to destroy Earth and why he's here. An inesperated appereance of Pasadena on the island.
Gorgeous! Pasadena magic training.

Pasadena drinked the potion of Coco so Crash tells her how to use the magic.

Hard! Oxide's big power Oxide almost destroys completely Wumpa Island. So, Crash decides to stop him.
Incredible! The destruction of Wumpa Island. Oxide almost destroyed Wumpa Island but Crash uses the forbidden spell(most powerful spell) and Oxide escapes to Gasmoxia. Unfortunetaly, Wumpa Island ends destroyed.
Jackpot! We landed on N. Sanity Island. After a large travel Crash and his friends land on N. Sanity Island but unfortunately they hear an explosion.
Keep Out! Dingodile's revenge! It results that Dingodile and Tiny and Komodo Joe was who made the explosion. So, Crash and his friends fight. After defeaing him, Joe, Tiny and Dingodile joins the gang.
Lies! Farmer Ernest joke! Dingodile thinks that Ernest knows something that they want but until Ernest finds out the gang must take care of his chickens and it isn't an easy job!
Man! On way to Papu's Native Fortress. While Crash and his friends are on their way to go to Papu's Native Fortress they find a lot of problems.
Native! The treat with Papu Papu. Crash and his finally make it to Papu's Native Fortress and they make a deal. The deal is that if the tribesmen help Crash and his friends to build the rocket he'll him lots of riches.
On Way! We finished the spaceship! Crash and his friends finished the spaceship but they need energy to go to the space. So, they go to Cortex's Iceberg Lab to find some.
Problem! The penguins revenge! When Crash and his friends land on the Iceberg Lab. Some kind of surprise is there. Penguins have taken the island completely. So, Crash and his friends must get inside the laboratory by the large way.
Quest! On way to Gasmoxia! When Crash and his friends get to the laboratory. They must find energy to charge the spaceship. When they steal some energy and they went back to N. Santiy Island they're ready to go to Gasmoxia.
Return! Here comes Oxide! Crash and his are on the space, but they become attacked by Oxide and later a black hole send them directly to Gasmoxia.
Sword! Cortex vs. Zem. Crash and his friends land on Gasmoxia, Zem is waiting for them. Later a large combat with Cortex (with the help of Nina) against Zem starts while Crash and his friends keep going.
Town! Remembering old days! When Crash and his friends (without Cortex and Nina that keep fighting against Zem) get to Zam neighborghood, Zam starts remembering his childhood in his house.
UFO! Oxide's attack. Oxide (who's now on an UFO) is trying to attack Crash again. While Cortex and Nina finally get where they are, Oxide (without caring to what would happen) destroys some part of Gasmoxia.
Violet! Nina's and Pasadena's color has swapped? Oxide is still attacking but this time he uses a swap power. Which swaps the colors of Nina and Pasadena.
War! Gasmoxia is wasted! While Coco helps Nina and Pasadena with their swap color problem the rest keep fighting but Oxide almost destroys Gasmoxia.
X-Day! Zem's death! When Zem finally helps Oxide he immediately accept, but Oxide and Zem go against Zam, Oxide immediately kills Zem. Coco finally cures the girls and they get back
Yes! A final hope! When everyone gets impacted by Zem's death so Oxide takes an advantage to hurt several Crash but soon Nina, Joe, Tiny and Dingodile take him to a place to cure him while the others keep fighting Oxide.
Zap! Victory is always mine!

Nina and Dingodile have finally cured Crash. Dingodile gives him a special sword (more powerful than Cortex's one) to defeat Oxide once an for all.


Crunch and NinaEdit

Crunch and Nina's relation is to hate each other they're always fighting. Meaning that they dislike each other.

Crash and ZamEdit

Crash and Zam take the realtion very good they're amazing friends.

Nina and ZamEdit

Nina and Zam always are close to each other like if they love each other but they don't know if the other does.

Crunch and CortexEdit

Crunch and Cortex doesn't take the relation good but it looks like if they do.

Dingodile and ZamEdit

Dingodile reffers Zam as a brother for him cuz' Zam is always helping him.

Season 2Edit

This season has more characters but it's not in order of alphabet.

Crash Bandicoot: Magical Adventures NEXT
New Heros
Fake Crash (sometimes villain), Evil Crash (sometimes villain), Evil Coco (sometimes villain), N. Gin.
New villains
N. Trophy, N. Brio, Ripper Roo and Pinstripe.
Old Heros
All of last season

New CharactersEdit

Fake CrashEdit

The Fake counter-part of Crash has become a Hunter and a Thief! He has incredible powers and he can be a little annoying. But Crash and his friends don't know that his a hunter and an ugly thief.

Evil CocoEdit

A simple little girl who now lives on N.Sanity Island. She says that her brother is lost

Evil CrashEdit

The evil counter-part of Crash has become a hunter along side with Fake Crash! He has incredible powers and he can be a little annoying. But Crash and his friends don't know that his is a Hunter.

N. GinEdit

N. Gin is now follower of Evil Coco this means, that whatever she does, he will do it. This means that, N. Gin (along with Evil Coco) join the gang.

Episodes Plot
Problems! Cortex has a big Problem! Crash finally finds Cortex and Cortex tells Crash that N - Tropy has Returned.
Chaos! The Rise of A Liquid Alien. Crash, Coco and Crunch discovered that N-Tropy hires a liquid creature called Chaos.
N. Gin! Your Crazy! Crunch Comes Across N. Gin!
Fire! Burning Temples! Crash Challanges N. Tropy in the acinet ruins with then gets set on fire.
Emergency! The Race for the Crystal. Chaos Steals all the Crystals and Betrays N - Tropy.
Perfect Chaos! The Liquid Monstrosity! Crash and Zam finally Caught Up with Chaos who turned into a monster named Perfect Chaos, But then Crash uses the Crystals and becomes Tiki Crash and then later defeats Perfect Chaos.
Mysteries! Secret of Brio's Minion.

N. Tropy discovers that Nitrus Brio Created his own  minion (After Crash 2), and Later he sees that the Look Alike was Infact... A Bandicoot who looked like Crash But this one was actually, Fake Crash Bandicoot.

Crimes! Crash is the Fudgative When Fake Crash Steals a Power Crystal. Everyone then blames Crash and later Arrests Him.
Doubled! Fake Crash and Evil Crash When Coco, Crunch and Pasadena Break Crash Free, He Then Challanges Fake Crash but Fake Crash hired a partner which is Evil Crash.
The Golem! Ripper Roo's Ride. After traveling from the volcano to the pyramid, Crash and his friends come across Ripper Roo Controlling a huge Golem.
Crashing! Battle between the Three Crashes! Crash, Coco and Crunch Reach the space station, Crunch Stops Pinstripe, Coco Stops N- Tropy, But Crash Engages in a Battle against Fake Crash and Evil Crash.
Prototypes! The Bioceratops and The Bioreptile! Brio Plans to vause the space ship to fall on N. Sanity Island, So Fake Crash and Evil Crash Team Up With Crash, Later, Crash come across the Bioceratops (Prototype of Cortex's General) and Fake Crash comes across the Bioreptile (Prototype of Brio's Minion) after defeatin them, They Defeat the Prototypes Again by Turin into Tike Crash and Tiki Fake Crash!
Pura! Protecting the Tiger. Komodo Joe, Tiny and Dingodile Protect Pura From a Purple Robot.
Blackout! The Pipes Break. Crash and his team Discovers that Tropy Cuts the Electricity Power and Put Tropy Poles to give people back thier elecricity power and they think of N - Tropy as the King.
Why Crunch! Crash VS Crunch.... Again! Crash goes to destropy the Tropy Poles but Crunch fights him But Crash Explains that N - Tropy is Brainwashing everyon and then they find the real Power Switch, Turn it back on and Everyone then Blames N- Tropy for Brainwashing them.
Basketball! Bandicoots VS Tropies! When Crash and his friends are chosen for a basketball contest thier Opposing team is N.Tropy and some Robots.
Safari! the Jungle is wild today! When Crash and his friends end up in a jungle, Crash Befriend a poor lion and a injured elephant and a monkey.
Ghosts! Here comes Oxide! Crash, Coco and Polar are Cuaght by Ghosts and are Tied up Each and are locked in Cages, So Only Crunch and Pura can Save Them.
Shrinked! Small Bandicoot. Crash and Coco ended up being Shrinked By N - Tropy and Then Crash and Coco are trapped after falling in a hole in a tree, Then Polar Rescues Them and Retores them to thier origional height.
Football! Crunch is Team Captain! When Crash and his friends are chosen for a football contest against thier Opposing team, N.Tropy and some Robots, Crunch is the team Captain of Crash's Football Team.
Farwell! Evil Crash's Farewell. Evil Crash has been homesick and so He and his Sister return to thier dimension.
Red! Crash's and N.Gin's color has swapped? Tropy is still attacking but this time he uses a swap power like Oxide. Which swaps the colors of N.Gin and Crash.
Truths! Hurrying for survival! N - Tropy Captures Polar and Pura and tied them up and are haning off a cliff But Crash and N. Gin hurry for a cure to return to thier origional colours.
Final Tropy War! Many injuries! When Crash and N. Gin Are Cured. They all go to fight N. Tropy.
Injury! A final hope! When everyone is fighting N - Tropy, N - Tropy takes an advantage to hurt several Crash but soon Joe, Tiny and Dingodile take him to a place to cure him while the others keep fighting Oxide.
Tiki Time! Bye Bye N - Tropy!

Tiny and Dingodile have finally cured Crash. Tiny gives him the Crystals to Turn into Tiki Crash to defeat N - Tropy once an for all.

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