Crash Bandicoot: Mutantventure, is a Titan adventure for Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Xbox360 and GameBoy Advance. It was released on 23 September 2012, it developed by Radical Entertaiment, and published by Sierra Entertaiment.


Later from 5 years later from Mind Over Mutant, Neo Cortex wake up in Energy Island, and climb up in Secret Cave. Cortex founded the Flux Energy, and steal him, Cortex used him to make a Titan Weapon(better from Crash: of the Titans). Meanwhile, Aku Aku and Crash are ready to found Cortex again. 27 Ratcicle ready to fight appears, and the Mutantventure start.


Wumpa IslandEdit

Level Name: Enemies/Titans Boss:
A Rat Problem Ratcicle Without Boss.
Snow Up Ratcicle Giant Ratcicle
Savage Self Magmadon and Ratcicle Without Boss.
Magmadon Mission Magmadon and Ratcicle Without Boss.
Dingodile Magmadon and Ratcicle Dingodile

N. Sanity IslandEdit

Level Name: Enemies/Titans Boss:
Fight, my little Bandicoot Rhinoroller, Magmadon and Ratcicle Without Boss.
Space Out Rhinoroller and Magmadon Without Boss.
Hard and Awesome Ratcicle and Sludge Without Boss.
Tiny Tiger Magmadon, Coco(mutant), Datk, Sludge and Rhinoroller Tiny Tiger
N. Gin Lab Datk, Sludge, Magmadon, Ratcicle and Rhinoroller N. Gin

Tiki FamilyEdit

Level Name: Enemies/Titans Boss:
Uka Forest Battler, Sludge, Datk and Magmadon Uka Uka
Sludge Village Sludge, Magmadon and Battler Without Boss.
Aku Aku Family Scorpopilla, Rhinoroller, Datk, Sludge, Battler and Magmadon Aku Aku's Mom(mutant form)
Eletrical EE-Letric, Scorpopilla, Sludge, Magmadon and Ratcicle Without Boss.
Aku Dad vs Crash Battler, EE-Letric and Ratcicle Aku Aku's Dad(mutant form)

Energy IslandEdit

Level Name: Enemies/Titans Boss:
Friend or Foe? Ratcicle, Battler and Rhinoroller Aku Aku(mutant form)
Without help Scorpopilla, Rhinoroller and Battler Without Boss.
Cortex New Cave Ratcicle and Sludge Without Boss.
Surfing! Skunk Giant Skunk
Neo Cortex Grimly, Scorpopilla, Rhinoroller, Battler and EE-Letric Neo Cortex(mutant form)


Neo Cortex back to normal, and Crash send it to Space with Scorpopilla, but the Energy of Energy Island are in Neo Cortex, and the Island start to down in water. Crash pick Battler e fly to Wumpa Island, when Mutant Crunch are attacking, Crash use all titans, and the game end.

Meanwhile in a Secret Space Ship... Neo Cortex are stayed in a spacial bed, it wake up, and Uka Uka 2.5 appears, turning Cortex in a cyborg, and the game end.

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