Crash Bandicoot: The Adventures of Wonderland is platform-game for Playstation 2, Xbox 360 and Wii, where Crash finds new dimension, that everyone calls "Wonderland". But there will be dangers and new villains. What's really going on? Now even two players can play in this game!


Crash was laying on beach at N. Sanity Island. It was peaceful moment, until some hologramme-screen appeared on sky. At same moment, Cortex and his minions came to see the screen. At screen, there was Mad Mod, insane villain from Teen Titans. He told to Crash, that, Wonderland is in danger. It will destroy the world [and Mad Mod's factories, that makes clothing]. Now Warp [villain from Teen Titans, too] takes over the screen and tells that, Crash will not destroy the Wonderland, or something bad happens. Crash seems like, he doesn't understand anything about their speech. Cortex notices that, Wonderland is a dimension, that humans in Earth didn't know about. Mad Mod and Warp were from Wonderland. Hologramme-screen disappears and Cortex will give two of his minions to "help" Crash on his adventure. N. Gin and N. Tropy will go with Crash. N. Tropy seems to be more like betrayer, than "friend", so, he escapes, while Crash is on The Riddlerium Labs. He runs to see Warp and Mad Mod and at game's end, they fights with Crash and N. Gin.


Gameplay is same as in every prevoius Crash-games.

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