See Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Dr. Neo Cortex and much more characters in this ultimate racing game!

Playable charactersEdit

Characters Home track
Crash Bandicoot Crash Cove
Coco Bandicoot Coco Park
Crunch Bandicoot Crunch's City
Dr. Neo Cortex Cortex Castle
Nina Cortex Nina's School
Dr. N. Gin N. Gin Labs
Pasadena O' Possum Pasadena's farm
Von Clutch Von Clutch's theme park
Polar (unlockable) Polar Pass
Pura (unlockable) Pura's temple
Evil Crash (unlockable) Evil Crash's dimension
Dingodile (unlockable) Dingo Canyon
Tiny Tiger (unlockable) Tiny Arena
Mega-Mix  (unlockable) Cortex Coliseum
Ripper Roo (unlockable) Roo's Tubes
Papu Papu (unlockable) Papu's Pyramid
Komodo Joe (unlockable) Joe's Mine
Komodo Moe (unlockable) Moe's Mine
Pinstripe Potoroo (unlockable) Pinstripe's Mansion
Rilla Roo (unlockable) Roo's Jungle
Koala Kong (unlockable) Kong's Cave
Dr. N. Trophy (unlockable) N. Trophy's time machine
Zem (unlockable) Zem's Port
Zam (unlockable) Zam's Neighborghood
Nitrous Oxide (unlockable) Oxide's Planet

Game ModesEdit

The game has got 4 game modes.


The game has 8 playable characters in Adveture mode (those one that aren't unlockable characters).

Single PlayerEdit

Here you can play with 1 character in Race or 2 characters at time in Tag Team Race.


Choose your favourite character to race with it's own car (Here the character you choose will drive and use the weapons).


Here's where you play to unlock all the characters (With exception of Oxide).

Tag Team RaceEdit

Choose 2 characters one to drive and the other to use the weapons and use his/her special power.


As well in Single Player you have the Race and Tag Team Race but you can can play together or One against each other.

Time TrialEdit

In this mode you race Oxide's ghost to unlock him as a playable character.

Powers or AbilitiesEdit

Every character has it's own power one per character. To activate the powers you need to fill the power meter by attacking, doing a revenge attack (fills completely) or sliding (only the character that uses the weapons can his/her power).

Character Power Kind of power
Crash Bandicoot Spin Attack Attack
Coco Bandicoot Sweet Fly Levitation
Crunch Bandicoot Punch Attack Attack
Dr. Neo Cortex Super Glide Levitation
Nina Cortex Faster, Faster! Boost
Dr. N. Gin Rocket Power Boost
Pasadena O' Possum Untouchable Shield
Von Clutch In The Air! Ya! Levitation
Polar Cold Bubble Shield
Pura Orient Travel Boost
Evil Crash Evil Spin Attack Attack
Dingodile Flamethrower Attack
Tiny Tiger Tiny Punch Attack
Mega-Mix Shooting Stars Boost
Ripper Roo Crazy Dreams Shield
Papu Papu Native Fortress Shield
Komodo Joe Sword Attack Attack
Komodo Moe Indondesian Boost Boost
Pinstripe Potoroo We Go Very Fast! Boost
Rilla Roo Tail Attack Attack
Koala Kong Roar! Attack
Dr. N. Trophy Time Travel Levitation
Zem You can't hit me! Shield
Zam Huh? Levitation
Nitrous Oxide Gasmoxian Power Levitation

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