Crash,Coco,Crunch and Aku Aku are in the future time and they are watching a TV Show when N-Trance shows up on the TV and Says "Hello punny earthlings its me N-Trance and this is the message for the Bandicoots i have returned to seek my revenge and by the way if you try to find me,you will be eliminated" TV gets back to normal and Aku Aku Says "Crash quickly get to the Crash-Cycle and go defeat N-Trance!".

Level 1 - On the Crash-CycleEdit

Plot:You are on the Crash-Cycle driving when a N-Tracker chases you and then the level starts.

Objective - Try to Escape the N-Tracker and try to get to the Futuroplane so you can continue the Journey.

Collectables - 1 Crystal,1 Silver Gem

Level 2 - To the 5th Dimension!Edit

Plot:You got to the Futuroplane but then you notice that one of N-Trance's minions is driving the plane so you must battle him and then you must pilot the plane to the 5th Dimension Portal.

Objective - Get to the Futurplane Controlls and battle the N-Trance Minion,when you done that you must pilot the plane and get to the portal for the 5th dimension

Collectables - 1 Crystal,1 Silver Gem and a Blue Gem

Level 3 - UnwelcomeEdit

Plot:You Came to the 5th Dimension but you are greated with more N-Trance Minions when you defeat them you must climb the N-pire Trance Building to get to N-Trance's Lab.

Objective - Battle 6 N-Trance Minions then find a way to climb the N-pire Trance Building and find a key card to unlock the door.

Collectables - 1 Crystal,2 Silver Gem

Level 4 - Cortex?Edit

Plot:You entered the N-pire state building and you must dodge the traps and you can't go further unless you enter the Tranced Jail and when you are there you will find Cortex and Cortex will tell you how he got there.

Objective - Dodge N-Trance's traps,battle some N-trance minions and then find a way to get into the jail and free Cortex.

Collectables - 1 Crystal,1 Silver Gem

Cortex's Dialouge:I Can't believe its you and why are you here?then Crash shows the Crash Screen and then Aku Aku tells Cortex all about it.Then Cortex tells the story how he got here then he says "I Was in my Labs doing some experiments when some drone took me to this 5th dimension and locked me in the jail".Then Cortex says that to get to N-Trance they must first hack the systems and then get N-Trance's Mind Controll Device and free the N-trance minions.

Level 5 - Hack AttackEdit

Plot:You play as Crash and Cortex to get to the N-pire Trance Building controll room to hack the system.But it won't be easy you will have to dodge more traps and battle a boss.

Objective - Get to the N-pire Trance Building controll room,Dodge some traps and then hack the system and battle a boss called Trance-Bot.

Collectables - 1 Crystal,2 Silver Gem and a Green Geem

Level 6 - N-Trance FaceoffEdit

Plot:You have hacked the system and you are welcomed by N-Trance and you start your Second Boss Battle.

Objective - Defeat N-Trance

Collectables - 1 Crystal,1 Silver Gem

Level 7 - Blasted into SpaceEdit

Plot:Your Plan to defeat N-Trance has failed and the system is again corupted by the Trance Virus and You have been blasted into space by N-Trance and then you land on a asteroid full of spare parts and then Coco comes and says that she has followed them to see if everything is alright.Then you must build a spaceship and get to the N-Station that N-Trance mentioned.

Objective - Find 6 Parts for the Shuttle and then fly to the N-Station

Collectables - 1 Crystal,1 Silver Gem and a Red Gem

Level 8 - The N-Station RaidEdit

Plot:You came on the Space Station and you have to get to escape from the Toxic Gas that N-Trance let out.Then fight the N-trance Hologram.

Objective - Escape the Toxic Gas get into the throne room and shut down the N-Trance Hologram

Collectables - 1 Crystal,2 Silver Gems 

Level 9 - The PlanEdit

Plot:You have Found out N-Trance's Plan 1Z that says that he will try to destroy the Wumpa Dimension with the station's death ray.Then you have to warn Aku Aku about the Plan.

Objective - Find out the Plan 1Z and try to send the message to Aku Aku

Collectables - 1 Crystal,1 Silver Gem and a Purple Gem

Level 10 - Protect our Dimension!Edit

Plot:You must find your shuttle and escape the N-Staion before N-Trance's Gigabot catches you and destroy it when you come to the Wumpa Dimension.And then you must destroy 3 N-Trance Mega Drones.

Objective - Escape the Station battle the Gigabot and then Destroy the 3 N-Trance Mega Drones.

Collectables - 1 Crystal,1 Silver Gem

Level 11 - Old EnemiesEdit

Plot:When you destroyed the 3 N-Trance Mega Drones 2 Old Enemies come N-Tropy and Nitrous Oxide.Now you must battle them and find a way to get back to the N-pire Trance building to shut the Virus Once and for all.

Objective - Defeat N-Tropy and Nitrous Oxide then activate the 5th Dimension Portal and then fly to the N-pire Trance Building and shut the Virus.

Collectables - 1 Crystal,2 Silver Gems  and a Yellow Gem

Level 12 - The ShowdownEdit

Plot:Battle N-Trance on the N-pire Trance Building Rooftoop and then escape the 5th Dimension before the N-pire Trance Building gets destroyed.

Objective - Climb to the Rooftoop,Battle N-Trance and Escape the 5th Dimension

Collectables - 1 Crystal,2 Silver Gems 


Playable Characters:Edit

Crash Bandicoot

Dr.Neo Cortex

Coco Bandicoot




Nitrous Oxide

Mini Bosses:Edit


N-trance Hologram


N-Trance Mega Drones

Recurring Characters and Cameo Characters:Edit

Aku Aku (Recurring)

Crunch Bandicoot (Recurring)

Tiny Tiger (Cameo)

N-Gin (Cameo)

N-Brio (Cameo)

Nina Cortex (Cameo)

Pura (Cameo)

Polar (Cameo)

Uka Uka (Recurring)

Pinstripe Potoroo (Cameo)


The Crash-Cycle


Coco's Built Shuttle


Wumpa Dimension

The 5th Dimension



The N-Pire Trance Building

The N-Station

Canceled Levels:Edit

Coco to the Rescue:Edit

Coco to the Rescue was ment to be after you escape the N-Station in Level 10


N-Trance would of been a replace for N-Trance Faceoff.

Cortex's Story:Edit

Cortex Story would of Been a level where you play as Cortex and it would be after Level 4 - Cortex?


  • The N-pire Trance Building is a pun on the Empire State Building in New York.
  • Crash has a more Futuristic Suit Look and has a wumpa ray gun
  • Coco is more inteligent in this game
  • Cortex helps Crash only cause he wants revenge on N-Trance 
  • There is a easter egg in The N-Station Raid where you can see the first dog in space in a window


  1. To get to the bonus room you must collect atleast 8 gems.
  2. To get the Blue Gem you must Enter the Bonus Level:On top of the Plane
  3. To get the Green Gem you must Enter the Bonus Level:Computer Mania
  4. To get the Red Gem you must Enter the Bonus Level:Meteor Number 2
  5. To get the Purple Gem you must Enter the Bonus Level:UFO Crash
  6. To get the Yellow Gem you must Enter the Bonus Level:The Waterfall

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