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Crash Nitro Racing-Crash Galaxy Kart-Crash Tagz Racing

Adventury ModeEdit

Galaxy's Orbital Colloseum Tropiconn Crystenia Oremin Terra Artensa Horrorius Skyna Cleosifre Bergnium Alcca Jalapex Pixietta Teknee Nucleopton Snowoord Radionn Greenkos Eypsylon
Emperor X Challenge(Digitalix) Sunny Beach Jewel Mines Soda Lake Treetops Yard Computer Way Immortal Graveyard Sky Ninja's Dojo Western Gultch Mt.Snowboard Alcca's Pyramids Flaming Sea Pixeltown Electron Avenue Chemical Plant Lane Ice Ice Gorge Battery Clubhouse Albino Palace Hypercube Dome
Tropical's Disaster Crystal Gorge Candy Top Clouds Jungle Boogie Paint Drifts Franken-Madness Manor Pressure Pagoda Mirage Castle Lava Crater Citrine Jungle Hot Heat Fairy Dungeon Gearing Subway Acid Rain Freeze Frost Shoals Melodiously Highway Darker Rocks Bowl Rust Alley
Volcano Seaway Shiver Park Chocolate Arena Inferno Caves Clockwork Run Deadtorius Polka Daylight Vineyard Out of Time Heated Lair Lava Melt Mountain Jalapeno Geysers Maleficik Manor Gravitoom Streets Radioactive Plains Submerged Florest Treb's Prairie Marble Platforms Steampunk Falls
Tiger Road Deep Magma Place Ice Cream Corner Moonlight Temple Splash Gloss Bridge Broken Ship Cloud Lane Oasis Driving Cloud Strife Sun Ruins Winged Metropolis Doughnut Rush Magnitude Factory Nuclear Bowl Sewers Hot Meltdown Music Harbor Minotaur Alleys Metal Rush Station
Boss Sage Shark(Tropical's Disaster) Chrys(Shiver Park) Marchise Cotton-Candy(Ice Cream Corner) Kruky(Moonlight Temple) Pietro(Paint Drifts) Jasper(Franken-Madness Manor) Sky Ninja(Sky Ninja's Dojo) Ankho(Mirage Castle) Zen(Cloud Strife) Bug King(Sun Ruins) Jamie Chillimity(Jalapeno Geysers) Maleficik(Maleficik Manor) Makno(Magnitude Factory) Blubby(Acid Rain) Axler(Hot Meltdown) Minuette(Battery Clubhouse) Hestia(Marble Platforms) U-550(Hypercube Dome)
Seaside Square Diamond Dome Sweet Sweet Factory Jungle Follies Desktop Cliff Astounded Points Sky Palace Hieroglyphics Rampage Steam Phunk Sun Chamber Jalapex Square Nymph Pond Underground Machinery Radiation Turmoil Hot Ice  Minuette's Music Dome Olympus House Mobius Crossing

EX VaultsEdit

  • Digitalix(After beating Emperor X first time)
  • Orbital Station(After beating Emperor X first time)
  • Tumbleweed Farm(After beating )
  • Collapse Spaceship(After beating Emperor X first time)



Character Team Unlock
Crash Bandicoot Bandicoot Default
Coco Bandicoot
Crunch Bandicoot
Fake Crash
Dr.Neo Cortex Cortex Default
Tiny Tiger
N.Trance Tranced Default
N.Oxide Oxide Default
Yaya Panda Girl Beat The Adventury Mode with Team Bandicoot
Tawna Bandicoot
Nina Cortex
Pasadena O'possum
Pura Cross Beat The Adventury mode with Team Cortex
Rilla Roo
Koala Kong
Baby T.
Royce Karni-vore Summer Beat the Adventury Mode with Team Tranced
Diddy Dogster
Jacqueline McCaw
Pisces Lumin
Penta Penguin Frost Beat the Adventury Mode with Team Oxide 
Mitchel Seal
Evil Crash Evil Default
Evil Coco Beat the Adventury Mode with Team Mixed
Evil Crunch
Evil Twins
Milkshake Millian Twins Beat the Adventury Mode with Team Cross
Mahogany Millian
Pinstripe Boss Beat the Adventury Mode with Team Summer
Ripper Roo
Von Clutch
Crash Bones Alternative Beat the Adventury Mpde with Team Frost
Goth Coco
Py-Ro Crunch
Albino Pura
Land Shark Strange Default
Spyro Win the Red Gem Cup in hard
Komodo Joe Win the Yellow Gem Cup
S-760 Orbital Beat her second time in Adventury Mode
Hermes Beat The Adventury Mode with Team Strange
Ninja Black Default
Bug King Default
Princess Fairy No team Default
Esther Foxy Beat Adventure mode with Team Boss and Beat 16 Staff Ghost
Farris Al-Thazz Default
Leon Halshack Beat Adventure Mode with Team Alternative and get at least 9 tokens
Sky Ninja Win all races in first place and Beat him twice
Emperor Rush


  • Doughnut Rush,Submerged Florest,Winged Metropolis & Gravitoom Streets are tracks that are considered very hard
    • could even compare big tracks that are little difficult like Hypercube Dome and Marble Platform