This Game is for PS3,Wii,Wii U,X360,PS4 & XOne



Plamtree Shore

(Yellow Gem Cup)

Outpost Park

(Blue Gem Cup)

Tumbleweed Gulch 

(Orange Gem Cup)

Sunpoint Castle (Red Gem Cup) Snowflake Hills (White Gem Cup) Eruption Rift (Black Gem Cup) Soda Ranch (Pink Gem Cup) Storm Bowl (Turquoise Gem Cup) Crystal Caves (Olive Gem Cup) Scent Clouds (Purple Gem Cup) Midnight Village (Green Gem Cup) Star Bridge(Bronze Gem Cup) MechGears Station(Silver Gem Cup) Gem Stone Valley (Gold Gem Cup) Melodopolis (Grey Gem Cup)* Warp Zone(Brown Gem Cup)*
1 Bloom Cove Tiger Corridor Skunk Shank Asylum Nina's Fort Icy-Side Freeway Tropical Boardwalk Coco's Manor Sugar's Mall Layla's Attic N.Gin Factory Grumble Ruins Gasmoxia Mashlane Stadium Rush Queen's Wharf Bondori Lights Maya Mayhem
2 Eclipse Mines Medieval Raceway Daylight Highway Beanstalk Kartway Jungle Plaza Clockwork Run Windmill Island N.Oxide's Pinball Machine Tiki's Pier T-Rex Rush Dragon's Maze Denny's Dojo Starlight Airport Turbo Track Assembly Lane Midnight Tower
3 Bubble Boulder Twilight Loop Carnivorous Pyramid Sunlight Castle Breezy Snowy Route Mt.Fireball Tangled Waves Trapstate Grumble Ruins Tiny's Shrine Cherry Festival Zeppelin Skyway Cortex Colloseum Sewer Loop Courtney Gears's Studio Papu's Pyramid
4 Crash Speedway Moonlight Mayhem Owl Stadium Ferah's Instrumental Club Dynamite Mountain Freeze Frozen Rink Candy Land Twisted Neonway Magma Pole Typhoon Tubes Banzai Arena Crunch City Lavaxplosion Park MechGears Spaceways Tiki Turbo Zygan System
Boss:Challenge Chainbolt challenge(Bubble Boulder) MetalGon challenge (Medieval Raceway) Scorporilla challenge (Carnivorous Pyramid) Hsarc challenge(Sunlight Castle) Ynit challenge(Dynamite Mountain) Yin challenge(Mt.Fireball) SodaHorse challenge(Tangled Waves) Von Clutch challenge(Trapstate) Py-Ro:Humanoid /Animal form-challenge (Tiki's pier) M.R.T.C.C.D. challenge(Typhoon Tubes) Ram-Kaz chaallenge(Banzai Arena) N.Oxide challenge(Gasmoxia Mashlane) MegaMix challenge(Stadium Rush) Mister-S final challenge(MechGears Spaceway) Rival Character challenge(Bondori Lights) Rival Character challenge(Maya Mayhem)
Keys Shimmer Bay(20 crystals) Gasoline Driftwood(20 crystals) Fenomena Burst(30 crystals) Dimensional Mansion(30 crystals) Frost Dizzy Maze(35 crystals) Burning Crater(35 crystals) Liquorice's Skate Park(40 crystals) Parking lot(40 crystals) Jewel Tomb(45 crystals) Cloud Nine(45 crystals) Lunar Ranch(50 crystals) Rocket Dome(55 crystals) Baxx Basemet(67 crystals) Asteroid Gardens(75 crystal) Melody Fawn Retropolis

1*When defeats Mister-S,unlock this two zones,but doesn't count as major areas 


Umber's DomainEdit

The Unknown FinishEdit


  • Adventury
  • Single Player
    • Single Race
    • Championship
    • Time Trial
  • Multiplayer
    • VS.
    • Championship
    • Battle
  • XBOX Live(X360 & XOne)
  • Play Station Network(PS3 & PS4)


Character How to Unlock?
Crash Bandicoot None
Coco Bandicoot None
Crunch Bandicoot None
Fake Crash Beat 16 Ghost Data
Neo Cortex None
Nina Cortex None
N.Gin None
N.Tropy Beat 32 Ghost Data or win a race online
Tiny Tiger None
Dingodile None
Koala Kong Win Gold Gem Cup
Rilla Roo Beat Wumpa Cup in Hard
Polar None
Pura None
Baby T Complete the Adventury Mode
Ratcicle Beat Nitro Cup in Hard
Rusty Walrus None
Baby B. None
Von Clutch Win Red Gem Cup
MZ Lemur Win Pink Gem Cup
Penta Penguin None
Yaya Panda None
Komodo Joe Collect all CNR Tokens of Adventury Mode
Komodo Moe Collect all relics in the Adventury Mode
Royce Karni-vore Win at least 3 Gold Rank in every cup
Papu-Papu None
Ram-Kaz Beat Him in the Adventury Mode
Celia Catwood Make 80 races/Win at least 4 times in online
Tawna Bandicoot None
Megumi None
Sugar Leen Dog Buy 4 items
Pasadena Opossum Win Pearl Cup in Hard
Denny Matsumoto None
Layla Leens Win Bionic Cup in Hard
Yin Win Silver em Cup
Yang  Beat Yin in the Adventury mode
Ferah Melindez None
Ami Beat Py-Ro in Adventury Mode
Raquelle Tiger Complete Palmtree Shores in Adventury Mode
Queen Foxtrot Beat N.Oxide in Adventury Mode
Zam None
Zem Win White Gem Cup
N.Oxide Beat him in Adventury mode
Velo Beat All Velo Ghosts Race
Spyro None
Ratchet Beat twice the Adventury Mode
Clank Beat 16 N.Tropy Ghosts Races
Cynder Win Gold Gem Cup
M.R.T.C.C.D. Beat Him in Scent Clouds
MegaMix Complete the Adventury Mode
Twilight Girl Complete the Time Trial Race
Darkleech Win all Relic Race in Adventury Mode
Mister-S Complete the two extra areas or Buy 3 DLCs


Character Pack
Scoropilla Pack 1
Sonic the Hedgehog Pack 1
Wreck-iIt-Ralph Pack 1
Super Sonic Pack 1
Mordecai Pack 2
Rigby Pack 2
Q*Bert Pack 2
Crash Bones Pack 2
Princess Fat Pack 3
DJ Ty Pack 3
Umber Pack 3
Evil Crash Pack 4
Evil Coco Pack 4
Evil Crunch Pack 4


Wumpa Cup Bionic Cup Cortex Cup TNT Cup Bomb Cup Missile Cup Nitro Cup Gem Cup Bazookah Cup* Gargoyle Cup Pearl Cup Oxide Cup Chicken Cup* Crash Cup* 3rd Cup* Retro Cup*
Bloom Cove Moonlight Mayhem Sunlight Castle Breeze Snowy Route Daylight Highway Ferah's Instrumental Clubhouse Tangled Waves Freeze Frozen Rink Magma Pole Cherry Festival Crunch City Typhoon Tubes Banzai Arena Queen's Wharf Courtney Gears's Studio Tiki Turbo
Icy-Side Freeway Skunk Shank Asylum Bubble Boulder Beanstalk Kartway Coco's Manor N.Oxide's Pinball Machine  Carnivorous Pyramid T-Rex Rush Layla's Attic Stadium Rush Tiny's Shrine Twisted Neonway Turbo Track Cortex Colloseum Bondori Lights Assembly Lane
Tiger Corridor Eclipse Mines Polar's Playground Medieval Raceway Dynamite Mountain Windmill Island Mt.Fireball Sugar's Mall Denny's Dojo Candy Land Trapstate Tiki Pier N.Gin's Factory Lavaxplosion Park Midnight Tower Papu's Pyramid
Twilight Loop Crash Speedway Tropical Boardwalk Jungle Plaza Owl Stadium Nina's Fort Gasmoxia Mashlane Zeppelin Skyway Dragon's Maze Starlight Airport Grumble Ruins Clockwork Run Sewer Loop MechGears Spaceway Zygan System Maya Mayhem
  • Bazookah Cup:Win Gem Cup
  • Gargoyle Cup:Win Nitro Cup
  • Crash Cup:Win Oxide Cup
  • 3rd Party Cup:Win Crash Cup with Spyro
  • Retro Cup:Win 3rd Cup with Ratcicle
  • Chicken Cup:Win Crash Cup with Layla Leens


Bomb Cup(Pack 1) Sonic Cup (Pack 1) Arcade Cup(Pack 2) Regular Show Cup(Pack 2) Princess Cup (Pack 3) Sunglasses Cup (Pack 3) Evil Cup (Pack 4) Zombie Cup (Pack 4) Skylanders Cup(Pack 5) (Pack 5) (Pack 6) (Pack 6) (Pack 7) (Pack 7) (Pack 8) (Pack 8) (Pack 9) (Pack 9)
Dawn Field Arcade Way Island Dome Litwak Raceway Underground Way Mount Descida Evilocity Hairpin Ruins
Rock Empire Ocean Ruins Park Raceway Q*Bert Level Titanium Metropolis Cake Cruiser Mystery Caves Out Of Time
Thunder Struck Wreck-It-Rampage Sunset Party  Pumpkin Field Gem Stone Palace Mix-Up Cruiser Flame Outpost Graveyard Slalom
Chemical Plant Highway Scorpion Tomb Crash Bones's Jurassic Land Death Mansion Crystal Subway Umber's Dimension Stinky Sewers Diamond Bridge

Exclusive DLCsEdit

that is free exclusives DLCs

Wii/Wii UEdit



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