Crash Over Load Trilogy is a sequel to the 2023 game Crash Bandicoot Ancients Rise and a shoot em game released for IOS and contains four games in a trilogy to continue the story arc of Modern Crash Bandicoot. The games are developed by Toys For Bob and if these were to be made they would be released in 2026.

Crash Over LoadEdit

Eons ago during the Late Cretaceous period the Gasmoxians from the planet Gasmoxia arrive on Earth in an attempt to colonise the planet and conquer it but discover the planet is inhabited by Dinosaurs these creatures are violent and ferocious in order to inhabit this world the Gasmoxians decide to wipe the dinosaur's out with a bomb. The Gasmoxians launch the bomb into the planet that creates a massive crater and wipes the dinosaurs out with a massive nuclear blast but this also lays the building blocks for humanity something the Gasmoxians do not realise and the planet becomes inhabitable for centuries the Gasmoxians leave behind Crystals, Gems and Relics as beacons so that when they do return to the planet they can collect them and also the nuclear blast starts to create Mojo that floats around the entire world. Humanity and other creatures start to evolve on the planet and Mojo is the life force of the world to maintain the balance and the modern continents start to form and so do the Tasmanian Islands.

Eons later some Witch Doctors called Mora Mora, Ju Ju, Kau Kau, and Tau Tau and some others called Rok-Ko, Wa-Wa, Py-Ro and Lo-Lo start to fight over control of the Mojo and the Crystals, Gems and Relics this fight continues when they reincarnate themselves into sprit masks and go by the names Ancients and Elementals the fight leads to natural disasters and several ice ages but the Ancients win by sealing the Elementals away with the Crystals and make sure the Crystals, Gems and Relics are scattered across the world and the Tasmanian Islands. The Ancients seal the Mojo away in temples across the Tasmanian Islands and also forge Talismans and scatter them across the Islands and leave Earth because they know they are to powerful to stay on the world and seal themselves inside a temple in space.

This all becomes legend and myth by the time of the Aku-Uka brothers who are also witch doctors but Uka Uka discovers the Crystals and Gems and wishes to harness there power and this enrages Aku Aku and he wishes to stop his brother and his malice the fight drags on until they themselves reincarnate themselves into spirit masks and Aku Aku wins by locking Uka Uka inside an underground temple thus finally getting rid of all the evil in the world. In present day Crash, Sasha and Aku Aku find Crunch who is still alive and now in a relationship with Tawna Bandicoot much to Crashs disgust but accepts Tawna has moved on with her life and Ancients soon summon Crash and Sasha to them and teleport them away.

Nina Cortex along with Doctor Nefarious Tropy try to go back in time to rescue Doctor Neo Cortex but the event is time-locked and they cannot go back to rescue him but Nitros Oxide from the planet Gasmoxia reaches out to them and offers to help them by giving them time travel technology though this is Gasmoxian technology which is far more powerful. The Ancients tell Crash and Sasha the origins of there species and also Crystals, Gems and Relics and Mojo it was all made by the Gasmoxians and soon believe they will finally return to destroy and properly colonise the planet. The Ancients send Crash and Sasha inside some ships created by Coco and N. Gin to Gasmoxia to find out what the Gasmoxians are up to and planning.

Crash and Sasha arrive on Gasmoxia and the city of Toxic Beta and fight through hordes of Gasmoxian ships sent by Oxide himself as Oxide tries to send Nina and Tropy back though time but Crash and Sasha destroy the ships and also destroy the Time Machine that was intended to send them back through time. Oxide flees but remains on Gasmoxia but uses Gasmoxian red crystals to lure Crash and Sasha to him while Nina and Tropy are teleported back to Earth.

Crash Over Load 2: After the Red CrystalsEdit

The Ancients teleport Nina Cortex and Doctor Nefarious Tropy back to Earth from Gasmoxia and warn them to not try and time travel back in time to rescue Doctor Neo Cortex as it is virtually impossible because the event is time locked but the Ancients themselves start to become concerned as to where Crash and Sasha are and cannot teleport them back due to having teleported Nina and Tropy and send Aku Aku to Gasmoxia instead to bring them back. Having destroyed the Gasmoxian time travel machine and it's technology Crash Bandicoot and Sasha the Fox are still within Toxic Beta on Gasmoxia but Nitros Oxide has fled but scattered Red Crystals native to Gasmoxia across the city and Crash and Sasha have to gather them all in order to find and locate Oxide.

Oxide sends his henchmen Zam and Zem to slow down Crash and Sasha and stop them from gathering the Red Crystals but Crash and Sasha manage to gather all of them and defeat Zam and Zem and finally manage to find Oxide in the outskirts of Toxic Beta and fight him but Oxide deliberately left the red crystals behind so he could lure Crash and Sasha to him and kill them himself but Oxide fails and is defeated by Crash and Sasha. Aku Aku arrives to Gasmoxia but sense a strange presence on the planet that is awakening and the red crystals that Crash and Sasha have gathered fly from them and disappear. A sinister and roaring voice shouts telling Oxide to stop clowning around and as Aku Aku goes to Crash and Sasha Oxide flees on his old spaceship and departs to go to his master. Oxide goes to his master who is located in the heart of Gasmoxia where no other Gasmoxian goes and is slowly awakening and destroys the red crystals that appear in front of him and a massive blast erupts from him and leaves Gasmoxia and destroys the temple where Cortex and the Elementals were sealed and Crash, Aku Aku and Sasha see the blast and the temple destroyed from Gasmoxia. Aku Aku orders Crash and Sasha to return with him to Earth immediately something is awakening and it is far greater than anything they have ever faced and Gormon slowly awakens and vows to destroy the universe.

Crash Over Load 3: Rise of GormonEdit

Pieces of debris from the temple where Doctor Neo Cortex and the Elementals were sealed heads towards Earth but it's destination is Tasmanian Islands and the debris falls across Wumpa Island and the bodies of the Elementals and Cortex are lifeless as there souls have left there bodies having been sealed in the temple for quite sometime. Gormon who is now fully awaken having spent centuries in a slumber discovers Gasmoxia has moved on and far more advanced than when he was alive and vows to re-establish his authority over the world and Nitros Oxide tells his master of Earth and the primitive race of humans this draws Gormon to grab Oxide by the throat and look at the world of Earth. Long ago Gormon and the race of Gasmoxians at the time went to Earth during Late Cretaceous period and wiped the Dinosaurs out but the leader of Gasmoxians at the time Fidel wanted to leave the world in peace along with the Dinosaurs but Gormon wanted to wipe them out and claim the planet for Gasmoxia and he did creating a nuclear blast that wiped the Dinosaurs out and created Mojo. Fidel was furious and fought against Gormon only to reach a stalemate and forced him and the Gasmoxians to return to Gasmoxia and Fidel also entered into a slumber but Gormon created Crystals, Gems and Relics as beacons to use for when he would one day return to the planet.

Gormon lets go of Oxide and hatches a plan to drain and harness Earth of it's resources and power up Gasmoxia making the planet a superplanet capable of surviving forever but Gasmoxia would need to move into Earths orbit and orders Oxide to build a machine that can be used to pull Gasmoxia. This plan saves Gormon having to confront Fidel all over again and instead just destroy Earth along with Fidel and in order for this machine to be built Oxide recruits a former friend and comrade of Doctor Nefarious Tropy, Doctor N. Trance and they start building Planetary Mover. Aku Aku, Crash and Sasha return to Earth but Aku Aku tells Ancients that something far evil is awakening and they order Crash and Sasha return to Gasmoxia and stop it and they return to Gasmoxia. Oxide tells Gormon of Crash Bandicoot and his friends on Earth being a threat but Gormon laughs demanding the Planetary Mover be completed on time.

Crash and Sasha face against Zam, Zem, N. Trance and Oxide and eventually they encounter Gormon for the first time and he activates the Planetary Mover which teleports the whole of Gasmoxia into Earth's orbit and Gormon fires a pulse of lasers to drain the planet of it's resources to power up the whole of Gasmoxia. Crash and Sasha fight Gormon but he is far to powerful for them and are nearly killed fighting him but Aku Aku arrives to intervene only to be ripped apart by Gormon killing him this enrages Crash who deactivates and destroys the Planetary Mover by smashing it with his hands this causes the planet of Gasmoxia to bounce back and collapse and the whole city of Toxic Beta starts to collapse. Gormon escapes from the carnage and Gasmoxia itself and heads to Earth and to find and kill Fidel himself.

Crash and Sasha escape Gasmoxia and return to Earth but Crash is distraught over Aku Aku's death and refuses to speak to his family and runs off to find and kill Gorman himself and have final confrontation with him.

Crash Over Load 4: Final ChapterEdit

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