Crash Team Off Road Racing
Developer(s) Naughty Dog
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Inc
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date 1999 if made but it was never made and never released.
Genre Racing
Rating(s) E
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Crash Team Off Road Racing ​is a game and idea created by David Ray Siller who was executive producer and designer of the original Crash Bandicoot game that came out in 1996 on PlayStation. Crash Team Off Road Racing is Daves own version of Crash Team Racing that is completely different to CTR altogether and CTORR would of been a real game if Dave carried on working for Universal and being involved in the Crash Bandicoot series but Dave only worked on the original game and left Universal once it came out and CTORR is nothing more than an idea that could of potentially happened and been a real game.

In the words of Stephen PaternosterEdit

​Crash Team Off Road Racing is an idea created by David Ray Siller who worked on the original Crash Bandicoot game and it is his own take of Crash Team Racing. Dave saw CTR at Electronic Entertainment Expo in 1999 and was not very happy with how Naughty Dog made the game but Dave still liked the game it was just to similar to Mario Kart and acted like a clone but also CTR is also virtually similar to Diddy Kong Racing and is based off that game more and influenced from Mario Kart as well.

Dave had his own vision of CTR and that was Crash Team Off Road Racing the gameplay was virtually different to CTR altogether and players would be able to build there off road racer and raced and played in an open world environment with rolling hills and would just go with high horse power speed without stopping. The Off Road racers could also bounce/bonk on other racers and score points and it's also safe to say the vehicles are buggies/standard karts and you buy upgrades and customise the buggies/karts and the overall concept of CTORR makes it similar to the PS1 game Rollcage if not identical but there are differences.

As for the storyline of CTORR this remains a mystery but it could of been a storyline exactly like CTR and revolved around Nitrous Oxide attempting to conquer Earth and challenge Crash his friends and enemies to race for the survival of Earth. Since this game would have an open world environment this would be for exploration/off road racing on tracks and would centre on the Tasmanian Islands which is the colourful world of Crash Bandicoot and the franchise and characters itself.

Unfortunately this idea only came about when CTR came out in 1999 and Dave left Universal Interactive after the original Crash game came out in 1996 his ideas were revamped by Naughty Dog in the two sequels that followed and CTR itself does not contain any of Daves ideas whatsoever. If Dave worked on Cortex Strikes Back and Warped then CTORR would of become a reality and a real game.

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