Crash Twinsanity: Mech-A-Sanity, also known as Crash Twinsanity II is the sequel to the 2004 game Crash Twinsanity, It follows the team as they go on new adventures!


Crash/Evil Crasha:

Same in first game but with a new move:

Power Punch - Square, Circle


Same in first game


Same in first game

Mecha Bandicoot:

Same in first game but new move

Chainsaw - Circle


Punch - Square

Jump - X

Spin - Circle

Hack into computers - X, Circle


CortexMania -Coco, Slideseption -Crash and Coco, N.Gin's Warship -Nina and Cortex, High seas -Mecha Bandicoot(Cortex) , Airship -Cortex

Twinsanity Island -Crystal Crash and Cortex, Lava Caves -Crash and Nina, Ant Factory -Nina, Evil Crash Bash -Evil Crash, Mecha Vortex -Mecha Bandicoot(Coco)

Machinary -Mecha Bandicoot(Nina, Coco, Cortex and Crash), nina, Coco, Crash and Cortex

Bosses: N.Gin - 3HP N.Trophy - 6HP Evil Crash - 7HP Ant lead - 4HP Evil Twins - 7HP, 6HP, 4HP, 7HP

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