'Crash Vs Teddy' is a Crossover Video game with my favoruite Mascot, Crash Bandicoot and my made up character, Teddy The Bear.


Crash Universe:

Crash, Coco, Crunch, Aku Aku, Dr.Neo Cortex, Crush, Tiny, N-Gin, Nina Cortex

Teddy Universe:

Teddy The Bear- Teddy is the fastest Bear you could imagin. You also has the Power to Turn into a ball. He and the other characters live in Beansville. Crash and Teddy is playable.

Piggy James Bond- Piggy is a pink pig with a giant purple nose. He is Teddy's and Han's best Friend. He is very Stupid and is a bad listener.

Hans Rupert Waterfield- Hans is a Brown Bear who alsways wheres a hat. He is great friends with Teddy and Piggy.

Dr. Nelson Meine- Dr.Meine is Teddy's most greatest foe. Dr.Meine can never succsed to destory Teddy, So He joins up with Dr. Neo Cortex.

Dark The Wolf- Dark is a black wolf who has the excact same powers as Teddy. He worked for Dr.Meine in Teddy and The Beast (the Second Teddy Game), But Dr.Meine lied to him so he is currently Neutral. Dark is playable only if you fight him.

Grizzly- A Haze Bear who has the power to head butt.

Evil Teddy- Evil Teddy is the Evil version of Teddy and lives in Meansville. Evil Teddy and Crush are both playable when the game is completed 100 percent.


One Sunny Day in Both Wuma Island and Beansville, Dr.Meine and Dr.Cortex stress to kill their nemisis. So they both create a Alternate Universe Time Travller at the excact same time, which causes the worlds to collide. Dr.Cortex and Dr.Meine make great friends. But, Teddy and Crash fight to the Death!