• crash bandicoot(1 of the main characters)
  • Crunch bandicoot(other main character)
  • Dr.Neo Cortex(Main villain)
  • Ripper Roo(1 of the main villains)
  • Dr.N.Brio(Co-Main villain)
  • Tiny Tiger(Fighter)
  • Dingodile (Fighter)
  • koala kong(Fighter)
  • N.Trance(Un-likly helper)
  • Komodo Bros.(Supporting character)
  • N.Tropy(Minion)
  • Nina Cortex(Minion)
  • Fake Crash (Minion)
  • Nega crash(Minion)
  • Nitrous N. Oxide(Cameo)


  • Mecha bandicoot
  • Crunch's MotorCycle
  • Crash's Airplane
  • Ripper Roo's Lupe Air Balloon
  • Cortex vortex
  • Mecha Crunch Bandicoot
  • Crunch's hijacked spaceship


Crunch was working on a motorcycle he had a power crystal as a piston crash was right next to him working on his plane and cortex then comes in with mecha bandicoot 2.0 and crash and crunch then responded and chased him to the volcano


crunch will be following you switch between crash and crunch when you need to


Prologue jungle to switch between with the triangle button

  • Crunch's controls
  • x button:jump
  • square button:punch
  • O button:metalic punch
  • triangle button:switch button
  • 2nd mission
  • Boss Ripper roo

cortex interups the fight and gives roo a potion the roo get muscles and gets out of his straight jacket he get