Crash and Rass
Developer(s) Techno Talesoft
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Gameboy Advance
Release date June 4, 2007 (North America)
June 9, 2007 (Europe)
July 13, 2007 (Japan)
July 27, 2007 (Australia)
September 3, 2008 (China)
Genre Action, Adventure, Beat Em' Up
Rating(s) ESRB: Kids to Adults (K-A)
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer

Crash and Rass is the second ever Crash Bandicoot video game made by Techno Talesoft, although, it is a handheld system game, it's considered to be a sequel to Crash Bandicoot: The Wumpa Whip because it features Rass, it was the first game ever made in the Crash and Rass mini-series. It was the second ever Crash Bandicoot adventure game to include two controllable characters following each other, the first game ever, to include this unique feature was Crash Twinsanity, which many people enjoyed. A successor to the game, Crash and Rass 2: Wacky Worlds was released in the next year. So far, it was the first ever beat em' up game in the Crash Bandicoot series.

Story Edit

One year after saving Rass, him and Crash along with his other friends can live peacefully and get along quite easily, until then, Cortex's airship shows up on the sky, Cortex tells his minions in the airship that Crash, Coco, Crunch and Rass are their main target, so then, Cortex commands them to do something bad to them, minutes later, Coco gets abducted by Cortex and his henchmen, and then, there was a another strike, Crunch gets abducted by Cortex as well and commands Sydro to hypnotize him to turn evil, it turned out very well. Just when Crash and Rass goes back to their house, they almost get abducted by Cortex, but it failed, Crash and Rass runs off cowardly and stays in a shelter for 5 minutes and they heard Coco yelling for some help, Rass pointed the airship and tells Crash to follow the Airship, but they lost it.

Gameplay Edit

The genre of the game is unique, it is 100% adventure game and also a 100% beat em' up game and it still has the elements from the main Crash Bandicoot game, because that the game is a beat em' up game, there is a health bar for both Crash and Rass, if they lose some health, they can replenish it back by drinking water potions, there are also shops in the game, they can buy some items with an amount of wumpa fruits. The camera can be either 2D, 3D, or an aerial view. If there is a motorcycle, a boat, a bear cub (Polar) , a jet pack, a submarine, an atlasphere ball, and a baby T-Rex is in a level, the player can ride on them to reach inaccessible areas. It is possible to get more than 100% completion percentage, it is done by having all of the crystals, relics, gems, and of course, by completing all the levels in the game. Bonus routes are also featured in the game, they only appear in a level where they can a colored gem, if either Crash or Rass smash all the crates in the routes, they will earn a colored gem.

Levels Edit

The levels are listed in order from the first to the last. All levels have a gem, and if one of the level's name is colored brightly, it contains a colored gem. If the level's name is in italic, it contains the Apmuw Fruit challenge.

Island Level Level Type Crystals Boss/Mini Boss
Wumpa Island Wumpa Village Village 5 Turtle-shelled Native
Jungle Jib Jungle 8 N/A
Rolling Down Atlasphere 2 N/A
Metal Fetal Factory 7 Ripper Roo
Amp A Zon River Basin 8 N/A
N. Sanity Island Insanity Road Roadway 4 (not considered as a boss) The Bike Gang
Purple Greens Jungle 6 Sydro
Arboreal Boreal Grassland 9 N/A
Papu's Port Town Village 11 The Tribal Trio
Papu's Pyramid Temple 16 Papu Papu
Apmuw Island Collision Ocean Underwater 13 N/A
Dingo's Canyon Desert 4 Dingodile
Temple Town Temple 10 N/A
Bear to Dare Winter 5 N/A
Warren and Barren Desert 7 N/A
Gar Island Chase Phase Mountain 12 (temporarily) An Allosaurus that chases you, and later, Tiny Tiger
Shoal Orbit Basin 6 N/A
Snow Matter Winter 13 N/A
Platow Go Mountain 17 (temporarily) The two Allosaurus that chases you
Airway Area Sky Base 21 Dr N. Gin
Cortex Island Celestial Highway Roadway 7 (not really considered as a boss) Monster Truck Drivers
Chaos Corral Grassland 14 N/A
Electrical Tales Castle 23 Crunch Bandicoot
Sky Cortex Sky Base 24 N/A
The Dungeon of Boom Castle 27 Dr. Neo Cortex
Secret Island Bowling Rolling Atlasphere 6 N/A
Zizz Fizz Underwater 15 N/A
Crash Lash Factory 14 Cyber Crash and Robo Rass

The secret island is unlocked by having all the crystals and gems in the past levels.

Enemies Edit

There are many different type of enemies in the game, each one of them appears in each different environments, the enemies are in the list below:

Image (how it looks like) Enemy (their name) Description (the detailed informations) Level Type (where it is found) Rarity (how rare is it) Damage (when hit)
Krab The first ever enemy that Crash has ever encountered is this guy, this crabby creatures just walks towards Crash and his friend freely, they are not that defensive though. Jungle, Desert Common 3% (by running into it)
Parakrab Winged Krabs that flaps it's wings nonstop in mid-air. Jump on him, and he is a normal crabby creature again. Sky Base, Mountain Common 3% (by running into it)
Gongee C&R1 Basic Gongee These little creatures looks like a blue ball with eyes and wears red shoes, they are one of the most basic and the most common enemies around in the game, they can be defeated by any moves by either Crash and Rass. They appear in almost every terrain. Anywhere (except for Mountain, Factory, Atlasphere, Roadway, and Underwater) Very Common 3% (by running into it)
GiantGongee C&R1 Giant Gongee It looks like that these creatures has gotten any bigger and stronger, watch out for them as you may get stepped on by one, you're squashed like a bug, these big guys can be defeated if you do two attacks on them consecutively. Desert, Snow, Grassland, Castle Uncommon 3% (by running into it)
45% (when stomped by one)
CamoGongee C&R1 Camo Gongee It is similar to the regular Gongee, except that this one sneaky creature has a color-changing skin tone, and it randomly runs out of nowhere and wanders around the place, they are slightly smaller than average Gongees, and they always change colors depending on the color of the background, which makes them harder to find. Jungle, Sky Base Rare 3% (by running into it)
MechaGongee C&R1 Mecha Gongee These robots looks like a Gongee except that their head shape are different, and these guys were created Dr. N. Gin., when you stand on them, you can pick them up and throw them away, if you stand close to them, they'll be firnig their lasers out of their eyes. Factory and Castle Uncommon 15% (when you get hit by their own laser)
StickylegsGongee C&R1 Stickylegs Gongee This strange robot is a type of Mecha Gongee, they can walk on ceilings and walls, and their laser is even more effective. Sky Base Very Rare 18% (when you get hit by their own laser)
TribalGongee C&R1 Gongee Tribe These native tribes resides in the temples of N. Sanity Island and Apmuw Island, their notable weapon is their own spear, which is used to protect themselves, these guys once thought that Crash is an evil bandicoot, and that's why they became enemies in the game. Temple Uncommon 12% (when you get slashed by the spear)
14% (when you get (non-lethally) stabbed by the spear)
BargaGongee C&R1 Barga Gongee These primitive creatures are what we call, the prehistoric version of the Gongee Tribes, they use a club instead of a spear, and whenever they are chasing Crash and Rass, they say "Barga Barga!". Mountain, Winter Uncommon 16% (when you get smacked by the club)
18% (when you get squashed by the club)
CommonTwortle C&R1 Common Twortle These Twortles are the second most common enemy, if you jump on them, they will hide on their own shell, if you jump on the shell, it acts like a trampoline, all bouncy and fun, and you can even pick it up. While playing an underwater level, the Twortle swims around instead of walking around the area. Anywhere (except for Winter, Sky Base, and Atlasphere) Very Common 4% (when they hit you)
SpikeshellTwortle C&R1 Spikeshell Twortle This type of Twortle has slightly different than the more common, Common Twortle. They have a smaller shell which is covered in spikes, they are not a real threat unless you touch their shell. Jungle, Factory, Basin, Sky Base, Mountain, Castle Common 15% (if you touch their shell)
BuzzsawTwortle C&R1 Buzzsaw Twortle He has a buzzsaw on his back and he knows to use it, this little gangster has a buzzsaw on his shell to protect his back, spin attack this blue turtle and he'll be hiding in a shell, which Crash or Rass can use as a sharp and bouncy shell. Grassland, Winter, Underwater Uncommon 15% (if you touch the buzzsaw)
TwiddlingTwortle C&R1 Twiddling Twortle The yellow tortoise here hides in a shell and attempts to chase after one of the duo, which makes it a chase game. Basin, Jungle, Desert Rare 10% (if you get runned over by one)
VenusFlyTrap C&R1 Venus Fly Claptrap The memorable enemy from the Naughty Dog games is back and has a new look, they are now starving and wants to chomp down the duo. Basin, Jungle, Temple, Desert, Village, Castle, Grassland Common 16% (if you get chomped by one)
ColdChomper C&R1 Cold Chomper A subspecies of the Venus Fly Claptrap made it's debut here, they release a cool and shivery breeze from their mouth, and when Crash or Rass touches it, they start to shiver and get chomped. Triple jump will help you escape from their breezing breath. Winter, Mountain, Castle Rare 16% (if you get chomped by one)
Rollerdillo The Armadillos from Crash Bandicoot 2, now officially-named, returns again in this stage, they behave the same way, but they be starting rolling around when they see one of the marsupial friends. In Factory levels, they are protected by a metal armor. Village, Desert, Factory Uncommon 3% (if you walk onto it
8% (if it rolls on you)
Lab Assistant The assistants of Dr. Neo Cortex himself, of course, guards around his castles and factories. They have two different attack patterns, they shoot Crash or Rass with a ray gun, or either they pick up potions and throw them at one of the duo nonstop. Factory, Castle Common 10% (if you get shot by the ray gun)
15% and a temporary slowdown. (if the potions that they throw hits you)
Tribesmen Being the servants of Papu Papu, they protect his village from strangers and "baddies", some Tribesmen crouch under a shield to protect itself and a few of them walk back and forth while carrying a shield. Village Common 3% (if you walk onto it)
Mankey Monkeys that rolls back and forth threatening to run down the duo, this little guy is also one of the first ever baddies that Crash has encountered. Basin, Village Uncommon 16% (if it rolls onto you)
Krawkdillian C&R1 Krawkadillian Krawkadillians just wander around in various areas, if they see you, they will try to chase you and bite you, but they can easily defeated like an average Gongee. Some of them lurks from the water and tries to eat the duo from above. Basin Common 13% (if you get bitten by one)
Krawkadive C&R1 Krawkadive Another type of a Krawkadillian, but this guy swims underwater, they don't bite, but they chase either Crash or Rass unless there are no more space for them to escape. Underwater Rare 6% (if you touch one)
Jet Packer Jack C&R1 Jet Packer Jack This penguin who wishes that it could fly usually appears during the levels where you must use jet packs to complete the level, usually trying to punch you out of your way, this guy is not so easy to defeat as he is using a jet pack. Jungle, Sky Base, Mountain Rare 0% (if you get punched by one, you don't lose your health, you fall down instead)
Spider C&R1 Spider These little creatures hang from the ceilings from a rusty castle, or they just walk around on the ground like in the temples. But be careful, if they grab you, you're in some trouble now. Temple, Castle Uncommon 2% (if you touch one)
13% (when you get grabbed by one)
Skunkoo C&R1 Skunkoo Skunkoos resembles as a skunk, he sprays his stinky odour every 10 seconds, luckily, it won't do that if you attacked him before he fires out the foul smell. The foul smell can distract you and the Skunkoo will tackle you while you're distracted. Grassland, Temple, Village Common 9% (if you get attacked by one)
GiantSkunkoo C&R1 Giant Skunkoo Giant Skunkoos are much larger than an average Skunkoo, and he even acts like one. If you see him fire his stinky odour, run! Because it's more powerful and it can destroy crates and other enemies, when you attack him, he defends himself until you have to attack him again. If you get close to him while he is fires the foul smell, your character will fall down unconciously for three seconds, rather distracting. Atlasphere, Roadway, Mountain Uncommon 5% (if you fall down due to the stinky odour)
Zypher C&R1 Zypher Zyphers acts like a caterpillar-type enemy, they have spikes on the back of their bodies, so you can't jump on their backs. When you stomp on their head, it goes flat, and then you have to stomp it again. And it is finally defeated. Jungle, Desert, Factory Uncommon 15% (if you touch one their spikes)
Zlying Zypher C&R1 Zlying Zypher Unlike regular Zyphers, these guys have wings, but no spikes, they just normally hover around the area. But in the Atlasphere levels, some of them holds a crystal with their hind legs. Some of them have spikes however. Basin, Atlasphere (Regular)
Sky Base, Castle (Spiked)
Uncommon 4% (if you touch them without attacking them)
Zyreph C&R1 Zyreph They don't have spikes unlike their close cousins, the Zypher. If the player jumps on their body, the Zyreph acts like a trampoline to reach higher places, these guys can be useful, so it is recommended to bounce on them. Atlasphere, Roadway, Jungle Very Rare 0% (they can't be defeated and are touchable)
Machine Gunner Former minions of Pinstripe Potoroo that shoots a series of bullets every eight seconds, it can be avoided if there's an extra platform or if the player crouches in. Factory, Castle Very Rare 6% (by touching the bullet)
Lectro C&R1 Lectro Lectros looks like a floating electrical spark, they are invincible too. They usually surround an area in circle angles, they protect crystals. If you touch them, you are electrocuted and achieve a lot of damages. Winter, Sky Base Very Rare 38% (if you touch them)
Fyer C&R1 Fyer Another enemy that is similar to Lectros and Pointees, but they are faster and they protect the colored Gems and Dinosaur Eggs. They look a lot like a fireball. Mountain Uncommon 10% (if you touch them)
Pointee C&R1 Pointee They act like Fyers and Lectros, but the Pointee only protects gems. They are hard to pass through as they are invincible to most attacks. They are related to Bloxes. Factory Rare 25% (when you touch them)
Blox C&R1 Blox These large, sleeping, blocks serves as an elevator, a moving platform, or even a squashing machine, they are invincible. Sky Base, Factory, Castle Very Common 23% (when you get squashed by one)
Ratrun Generic enemies that runs instead of walking, they are pretty agile until Crash or his friend jumps on it. Grassland, Castle Common 5% (if it runs over you)
Blowvase C&R1 Blowvase The elephants that hides inside vases are Blowvases, they are often used as a furniture in the indoors for keeping intruders away, if you sit next close to this guy, it'll blow you to the back. if you spin attack them, the elephant flies off and it's vase is broken. Sky Base, Castle, Atlasphere Common 0%
Needleblow Artwork copy Needleblow Argh! Watch out for the needles that these mischevious elephants blow, it's sharp, really really sharp, but you don't have to worry if you are behind them. Jungle, Temple Rare 13% (when you get hit by the needle)
Red Jellectric C&R1 Red Jellectric The Jellectric is a jellyfish-like enemy that'll electrocute you if you touch them, they swim quite fast. Underwater Very Common 38% (if you touch them)
BlueJellectric C&R1 Blue Jellectric The Blue Jellectric is bigger and stronger than the Red Jellectric, but they swim slower, which is their only downside. Underwater Uncommon 45% (if you touch them)
Octotangle C&R1 Octotangles So named for their head shape, these octopuses can camouflage and surprise you, when you get close to them, you'll get strangled by them, and you'll be dizzy for a while, while you're dizzy, it will sometime smack you with it's tentacle. Underwater Common 5% (when you touch them)
10% (if you get whacked by them)
Popfish Acts similar to the Flying Fishes of CB1, they attack the duo by jumping out of the water, attempting to land on one of the two marsupials. Basin, Underwater Very Common 4% (if it lands on you)
Warnhal C&R1 Warnhal These fishes swims around in one direction carelessly underwater, turning back at walls, their horn is one of the main reasons why they are untouchable. Underwater Common 5% (when you touch them)
17% (when you get stabbed by them)
Tumefyfish C&R1 Tumefyfish These large fishes eats almost anything, especially Bandicoots and Wombats when they are swimming, if Crash or Rass gets too close to them, the fish will chase them and eat them, deducting one of their lives. Underwater Rare 100% (when eaten)
Gnawfish C&R1 Gnawfish These fishy things are strange and eager, they swim around quite fast and they like to gnaw large things and spit them out, they all look gluttony due to their spaz-like face expressions. Underwater Uncommon 10% (when gnawed)
6% (when spitted)
Eelectrician As it's name suggests, it is an electric eel, it just swims around in one direction, touch it and you'll get an electric torture. Underwater Uncommon 25% (when you get electrified by one)
Bandifish Bandicoot-like fishes that constantly jumps out of it's pond, if Crash or Rass touches it, the mutant fish would drag down one of them underwater and throw them back with 35% of their health drained. Mountain Rare 35% (if you get dragged down by them and brings you back onto the ground)
AirStriker C&R1 Air Striker Look! It's a flyer, it's a plane, it's ... the Air Striker! The bird flies around in some places and he appears to be holding a bomb, watch out, because if it drops the bomb on you-KABOOM! You're almost finished. Sky Base Very Rare 4% (when you touch him)
20% (when the bomb falls on you)
AcroBat Similar to Air Strikers, except that these creatures are mammals and they lack a bomb. They are smaller and usually comes in packs. Castle Uncommon 10% (if Crash or Rass gets attacked by one)
AbominableSnowroller C&R1 Abominable Snowroller Watch out, this snowman has wheels on it's third segment, which gives him the ability to roll all over the place. If you get rolled over by one, you're unlucky and you're flat for a limited amount of time. Winter Uncommon 20% (when you get rolled over by one)
Sealota A seal that walks around in icebergs, turning around at cliffs, jump on it and it'll be dizzy. If you jump on it when it is dizzy, it is instantly defeated. Winter Common 5% (if you walk into it)
Bearer Previously known as the chasing polar bear from Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventures, this large fellow has returned and now makes a scenery a 2D chase, attempting to claw Crash or his friend and eat them alive, it could jump over gaps and anything on it's way, though, it could not turn around, but five stomps or spin attacks would make him get out of the marsupial friends' way. Winter Very Rare 15% (if you get clawed by one)
100% (if it consumes you)
TeeEntTee C&R1 Walking TNT A TNT crate with basic limbs, it walks around unlike average TNT crates, jump on it, and it will explode in three seconds. Grassland, Mountain, Temple, Winter, Factory, Castle, Sky Base Very Common 10% (when it;s explosion affects you)
Warhog Warthogs that walks back and forth, when it sees one of the duo however, it will attempt to chase them away and head ram them. Grassland, Desert Uncommon 15% (if it head rams you)
NeoAntidote C&R1 Neo Antidote What's coming from the blaster? You heard it, it's the Neo Antidote. These enemies launches themselves from a blaster, they will constantly ram into you or any other objects, but when it accidentally rams into a wall, it's knocked out. Roadway, Factory, Castle Very Common 9% (if it rams into you)
NeoMissile C&R1 Neo Missile It acts just like the Neo Antidote, but it follows you, and it could explode on contact if it hits you frontwards, avoid them as they are much more dangerous to avoid and to get rid of! Atlasphere, Temple, Sky Base Common 12% (when it explodes near to you)
Hoppen C&R1 Hoppen It looks similar to to Hopster, and they act like them, but instead of jumping vertically, they hop around in a local area back and forth, they don't get off the platforms unless you get rid of them. Village, Jungle, Basin Common 5% (when you touch it)
Hopster Hopster These froggy critters stands on small platforms and when they see you, they will jump over vertically just to block your way, they can't be stomped on, but they can be defeated by other aerial attacks, they are more poisonous. Castle, Temple, Basin Uncommon 9% (when you touch it)
Lizzop Bipedal lizards that stands in one spot, and hops on a different platform every three seconds, they can be easily defeated. Basin, Temple, Desert Rare 8% (if it hops on you)
Whipper Design Whipper These whip wielding bandicoots will stop at nothing to attack somebody else with their whip at anyone who tries to go after Cortex. So you have to avoid them to clear the level, spin attack this creature and he'll run away. Desert Uncommon 14% (when you get wipped by one)
Rangakoo Rangakoo Being Kangaroo-like, they hop around in a local area and when they see the duo, it will try to kick them. Desert Very Rare 10% (when you get kicked by one)

Bosses Edit

Image Boss Description Level
Turtle-shelled Native One of the island natives are known to wear ancient turtle shells, and this person is one of them. He will try to attack the duo by spinning it's turtle shell. Wumpa Village
Ripper Roo After a three years absence, the crazy Ripper Roo is back in action! This time, he uses a crate lifter to attack the duo. Metal Fetal
Sydro The mysterious and treacherous Sydro has returned after a deep sleep from the prequel. He doesn't use his Narwhal-like sword anymore, but instead. He has a boulder to crush somebody. Purple Greens
The Tribal Trio Uko, Oku, and Kuo are the servants of Papu Papu who tries to protect Papu, all three of them uses a different weapon. Papu's Port Town
Papu Papu After the duo defeated the Tribal Trio, Papu challenges the duo to a fight, here in the game, Papu uses his moves when he was a wrestler known as "Mr. Bad Belly" Papu's Pyramid
Dingodile After residing the barren deserts of Apmuw Island, Dingodile takes over the entire desert and wants to challenge anyone who is going after him. Dingo Canyon
Tiny Tiger Tiny is back, and he is now a rock thrower after being rejected from Crash Tag Team Racing. He wants a payback right now. Chase Phase
Dr.N. Gin Being Cortex's assistant, Dr. N. Gin must fight against Crash and his friends, he now owns a floating factory. Airway Area
Crunch Bandicoot Crunch used to be a bad guy since his debut, but he became a hero in a few years later, eventually right now, he is now evil once again with the help of Cortex and his minions. Electrical Tales
Dr. Neo Cortex Ah yes ... the one and only Dr. Neo Cortex is the main villain of the Crash Bandicoot series, he wants some payback before taking over the world again. The Dungeon of Boom
Cyber Crash and Rass Bot Dr. N. Gin created the robots in case that the duo is trying to get the pink gem. The robots looks awfully similar to Crash and Rass, who knows if they are evil or not, the robotic duo has many powerful weapons and defence, plus, they are way taller than the regular duo. Crash Lash

Items Edit

Image Item Type Description
Wumpa Fruit Wumpa Fruit Collectable The wumpa fruit has appeared in all of the Crash Bandicoot games, they can be found in any levels, if you collect at least 100 wumpa fruits, you'll get a 1-Up bonus for the character that you use to get 100 of them.
Apmuw Fruit Apmuw Fruit Collectable The apmuw fruit appears as a challenge in 5 different levels. If you collect the six apmuw fruits, you will earn yourself a crystal and a clear gem.
Water Bottle Water Potions Collectable Water potions heals either Crash or Rass by 25%, they can be found on every single levels.
Large Water Bottle Large Water Potions Collectable Slightly rarer than an average water potion, when the player's character touches this item, they will heal them by 50%.
Power Crystal Power Crystals Collectable Power crystals appears in every level of the game, if the player collects all of the crystals in some levels, they will earn a clear gem.
Gems Gems Collectable There are eight gems in the game, the most common being the clear gem, appears in all of the levels in the game except for the ones that includes colored gems. Collect them and you'll get some extras.
Striped Pole Striped Pole Object When the duo reaches the pole, a result screen shows up and thus, the level ends and the duo appears in a map screen.
Relic Relics Collectable When you complete a level, you can race against time in a relic race, whereas the player beats the time's record, they will earn themselves a relic.
Character Mugshots Mugshots Collectable Collect one and you get yourself a 1-Up, Crash and Rass character mugshots gives the player an extra life, and the there is an another one, it's the suspicious-looking N-Symbol which is avoidable and can damage the player.
Mini Wumpa Fruit Mini Wumpa Fruit Power-Up If you touch this little fruity thing, Crash or Rass becomes smaller and is able to go through the inaccessible areas, however it lasts for a limited time.
Jumbo Wumpa Fruit Jumbo Wumpa Fruit Power-Up Touch this fruit, and either Crash and Rass grows ten times their own size and they can destroy anything in their own path, for a limited time of course.
Super Sneakers Super Sneakers Power-Up The sneakers gives the player the ability to walk on nitro crates and spikes without hurting themselves, however, it can be lost if the player gets hurt by an enemy.
Springboard Springboard Object Springboards can help the player reach higher places by jumping on it, they can also be picked up if the player needs it. It's by far bouncier than the arrow crate.
Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur Egg Object A baby T-Rex will pop out of these and the duo can now ride on them once it's already hatched.
Golden Wumpa Fruit Golden Wumpa Fruit Power-Up These items are uncommon in most levels, collect one and the duo are invincible for a limited period of time.
Footprint Pad Footprint Pad Object If belly slammed, the duo are sent to the bonus route level. But if they lose the bonus route level, when lose one consecutive access to the bonus route level.
Wumpa Crate Wumpa Crate Crate The wumpa crate returns once again, when they are smashed, the duo will get a random amount of wumpa fruits.
Aku Aku Crate Aku Aku Crate Crate When you smash this crate, Aku Aku appears and protects the duo from any damages, if you have Aku Aku in your side, be careful, if you touch some hazard, you'll lose him.
Bounce Crate Bounce Crate Crate These crates contains a total of 10 wumpa fruits. To get the fruit of the crate, it must be smashed by the duo.
Bounce Crate Arrow Crate Crate These crates functions as springs, and they contain a wumpa fruit, these crates will easily brake if they are smashed, the iron version can be found in some levels.
TNT Crate TNT Crate Crate If you jump on this crate, it will count down from three to one and after that happens, it will explode.
Nitro Crate Nitro Crate Crate Nitro crates are very dangerous, one single touch can cause this crate to explode on contact, so be careful with them.
Invisibility Crate Invisible Crate Crate When broken, either Crash or Rass becomes transparent and he can't be tracked down by enemies for a short while.
Iron Crate Iron Crate Crate These crates are unbreakable and serves as a platform for the duo.
Porcupine Crate Porcupine Crate Crate It looks a iron crate, but once every five seconds, it's covered by spikes, and then in the next five seconds, the spikes are gone.
Checkpoint Crate Checkpoint Crate When you lose a life, the duo will return to the last checkpoint that they've opened it. But if one of your partners lose a life, they may reappear in the last checkpoint that you've just seen.
Time Crate Time Crate Crate These boxes are found when you play the relic race on a level, when broken, they stop the timer for one, two, or three seconds depending on the number marked on the crate.
Detonator Crate Detonator Crate Crate When spun or landed on, it detonates any nearby explosive crates that may be linked to it.
Surprise Crate Surprise Crate Crate When it's opened, it will contain a random power-up, or an object.
Block Crate Block Crate Crate Either Crash or Rass can lift this crate and throw it, when spun, it is sent flying over the screen.
Star Crate Star Crate Crate These crates are very rare, breaking one will give the duo three more lives.
Broken Crate Broken Crate Crate This is how a crate looks like if you smash one.
Icee Icee Object It looks an ice block, that's because it is. When you stand on them, you have to be careful because Icee's acts like a slippery platform.
Ico Ico Object Icos are Icees that acts like the flying platform from Super Mario World, they can help the player reach the higher places.
Touch N' Go Platform Touch N' Go Platform Object When you jump on this platform, it acts like a lifter that will send the duo to some place.
Turtle Shell Twortle Shell Projectile When a Twortle is jumped on, they will hide in their shell form. The Twortle shell acts like a trampoline for the duo, and when kicked, it spins around the area.l
Ball and Chain Ball and Chain Projectile Although, they act like enemies, they are not counted as an enemy, but as an obstacle instead. The ball is covered with spikes, so be careful with them. They are tied to various crates, and if the crate is broken, the player can swing this thing, but it will slow them down because of it's heavy weight.
Fire Bar Fire Bar Projectile They are usually connnected to iron crates, but if the player is careful enough, they can pick up the crate that is linked with the fire bar and use it as weapon.
Canoe Canoe Rideable They can be found in a basin-type level, it is used to cross to over the water
Jetpack Jet Pack Power-Up Jet packs are quite useful to reach higher places, equipping one gives the player the ability to fly with the jet pack, however if the jet pack engine is out, it cannot be used anymore
Sub Mini-Submarine Rideable During underwater or basin levels, you can hop onto the submarine to see things underwater, you can also fire a cannonball.
Atlasphere Ball Atlasphere Ball Rideable They can be found in the begging of the atlasphere levels.
Vine Vines Object They can be found in Jungle, Basin, and sometimes, Grassland levels, be careful while you're holding the vine because if you hold it for too long, your character will fall down into the water which is hazardous for them, you can go swing to swing with it.
Trampoline Trampoline Object It is just like the springboard, but it is higher, and rarer.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first game ever to include Rass as a playable character.
  • It is also the first game ever to include most of the characters drawn in flat style, which is similar to the character artworks of Paper Mario.