Crash and Rass 2: Wacky Worlds
Developer(s) Techno Talesoft
Publisher(s) Sierra Entertainment
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date 12 October 2008 (North America)
23 October 2008 (Australia)
7 November 2008 (Europe)
10 January 2009 (Japan)
Genre Action, Adventure, Beat Em' Up
Rating(s) ESRB for Everyone
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer

Crash and Rass 2: Wacky Worlds is the sequel to Crash and Rass. The story begins with Nass, Coco, and Crunch being kidnapped by Cortex and his minions while Crash and Rass are being chased by two lab assistants. After Crash and Rass goes through levels to levels, they have finally reached to Cortex’s hideout and challenged him to a fight. The sequel to the game is Crash and Rass 3: 7 Lost Worlds.

Story Edit

Crash and his friends were playing in the beach while Nass, who was graduated from his own school, came into the scenery. But Dr. Neo Cortex and his minions appears hiding behind Crash’s house, Cortex then suspiciously uses some special device that can make him invisible to others, he then, grabs his ray gun and froze Crunch, and send Coco into the basement of Cortex’s hideout with it. And then, he tried to fire his ray gun at Nass, but it ran out of ammo, Cortex then orders his minions to kidnap Nass, Crash and Rass tried to kick Cortex when he tries to order his minions to kidnap Nass, only to get chased by the two very large lab assistants who were recently hired by Cortex. After the two very large lab assistants were defeated, Crash and Rass must conquer the seven or eight worlds in order to rescue his friends.

Ending Edit

Ending 1:

After going through Cortex’s hideout, the duo challenges Dr. Neo Cortex to a fight to the finish, Cortex accepts the challenge. Once again, the duo has defeated Cortex and they saved Coco, Crunch, and Nass, and later, Cortex gets punched out of his hideout and he is lost in Gasmoxia, he then talks to N. Oxide about his plan and how he failed it.

Ending 2:

This is the same as the first ending, but Cortex is punched out to a mysterious place, he found his old hideout and he uses an abducting machine to capture Crash and his friends, once again, Coco, Crunch, and Nass has been kidnapped again and the duo has to do the same thing all over again. When they arrived at Cortex’s old hideout, the duo wants to challenge him again but Cortex, along with some of his minions, fused themselves together and they became the Mega-Mix V2, the duo was surprised by this and they try to challenge the Mega-Mix, surprisingly, the duo won, the Mega-Mix reverted back to it’s normal form, and Cortex gets punched out again.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is similar to the original Crash and Rass. But because that the game is made in a different game system, there are new different controls for the game, plus, the player can locate the duo in a level with the second screen that acts like a map. The player can now store power-ups in the game if they want to use it later or right now. All crates can be picked up by the duo if their stamina is full. The stamina system is also featured in the game, for example, if the duo’s stamina is full, it means that they are both very strong at this time, and if their stamina is empty, they are weaker and they walk slower and jump lower. The stamina can be replenished either by drinking a water bottle or by pressing the “???” button.

Instead of having five levels in each islands, there are now eight levels in each world, the sixth level is a boss fight, it can be accessed if the player completes the first five levels, and the seventh level is an extra level, which is available if the player collects all the crystals and clear gem in the first five levels, and the eight level is an enemy course, it is unlocked by defeating the boss of that world (except in the eighth world, it is unlocked by completing the extra level) . Every time when you complete a level, you will unlock an another level. There are eight worlds in the game, the first world is unlocked by default, while the next six worlds are unlocked by defeating the boss of the previous world, and the eight world is referred as the secret world, which is unlocked by having all of the gems, crystals, and by completing the past 49 levels. The eighth world only has nine levels.

The first two levels of the game are short levels so that’s why their level ID is “0-“Insert random number here.”, boss levels are the only type of levels that actually includes bosses and they must be unlocked if the player gets a key in the other levels, in the extra level, the environment greatly resembles as a village or a city, and the player can do missions to earn a crystal, a power-up, a boss key or a Speckled gem. Bonus level routes are also included as well. Enemy Courses are mini levels where the character that defeats the most enemies after the time limit ends is declared as the winner of that level, winning the enemy course awards the player a checkered gem, it can be played as “Player vs. Player” or “Player vs CPU”. And also, unlike it's predecessor, all the levels have a different music even if the levels are in the same type.

Cast Edit

Image Name Description Role
Crash Bandicoot Crash returns again with his old friend, Rass. He is now willing to save his other friends and try to stop Cortex to prevent certain doom. Protagonist
Rass the Wombat Of course, the old friend of Crash’s, returns again as Crash’s partner or in solo. Will he save his friends successfully? Protagonist
Aku Aku What would be a Crash Bandicoot adventure game without Aku Aku? He protects the duo or either one of them. And he takes adventures and important matters seriously unlike the duo. Assist
Fake Crash Odd-viously (no pun intended) , Fake Crash appears in the game as the guide, he gives the duo tips and tricks by hitting a guide box. Guide
Coco Bandicoot Crash’s sister has been kidnapped, along with Crunch and Nass. Luckily, the duo are out there to save her. Hostage
Crunch Bandicoot Crunch has also been kidnapped, he became a statue, he must be melted by the duo in order to get him back. Hostage
Nass the Wombat Rass’ brother is also kidnapped, and he is not happy about that unless the duo are out there to save him. Hostage
Dr. Neo Cortex It was Dr. Neo Cortex who is all behind this kidnapping plan, will his plan become a success or a failure? Antagonist
Dr. N. Gin Of course, the one and only Dr. N. Gin appears as the major antagonist of the game. Antagonist
Sydro Surprisingly, Sydro came back after he was knocked off the tower of his, he wants a revenge on Crash now. Antagonist
Dr. N. Tropy The master of time, Dr. Nefarious Tropy, is back and he’s stronger than ever, he somehow gain elemental superpowers. Antagonist
Tiny Tiger Tiny returns once again to prevent the duo from defeating Dr. Neo Cortex. Antagonist
Barrot Bat An another minion evolved by Cortex, Barrot creates the recipes for the poisonous foods that Cortex wanted to fed Crash with it. Antagonist
Komodo Bros. It appears that the two samurai lizards returned after a long absence. Antagonist
Nina Cortex Even thought that she’s not a boss in the game, she helps her uncle to try to defeat the duo, she appears in cutscenes Evil Assist
Uka Uka In the game, he helps out Cortex and gives him advices. He usually doesn’t like it when Cortex loses, he appears in cutscenes. Evil Assist
Bandicoot Townies The townies in the Extra Levels are these things, they are a common character to talk to. Residents
Suited Bandicoots These townies tells your character if they want to do a mission or not. Residents
Thieves These bandits randomly runs out of nowhere in the Extra Levels, stealing the player’s item. Residents
Mega-Mix v2 This thing is the real final boss of the game, it turns out that all the bosses in the game have been combined into one bizzare monster. Antagonist
Rab and Rob These two muscular lab assistants were hired by Cortex to protect him. These two chased off the duo in the plot. Antagonist

Worlds Edit

World Description Boss Enemy Course
East Wumpa Island The area where the protagonists live. Rab and Rob N/A
South Wumpa Island The southern area of Wumpa Island, it’s slightly different. Komodo Bros. Gongee
Breeze Bay A natural village with slight breeze and some mountains. Barrot Bat Skunkoo
Urban Jungle A tropical village that has been urbanized by the native residents Tiny Tiger Krawkadillian
Oasis Desert A watery desert that is in the northern area of the Urban Jungle Dr. N. Tropy Crater
Seaside City A seaside plaza that is currently ruled by Sydro. Sydro Flish
Metallic Ruins A city park that has been metalized by none other than Dr. N. Gin himself, some parts are non-metalized. Dr. N. Gin Spectral Snacker
Cortex Island This island has been discovered by Cortex since many years ago, it is a very dangerous place Dr. Neo Cortex Stickylegs
Gem Hills This is the realm where the gems are originally found on. It then became a chaotic and mixed-up place thanks to Cortex. Mega-Mix Mega Missile

Levels Edit

Number ID Level Level Type Item(s) Crystals
0-1 Tutorial Time Chaparral N/A 1
0-2/0-Boss Run Like the Grind! Chase N/A 0
0-Optional Power-Up Palace Palace N/A 0
1-1 One Dour Land Grassland 1x Clear Gem 6
1-2 Leap Clog Dock 1x Clear Gem 8
1-3 Neo Native Fortress Village 1x Red Gem 9
1-4 Dock a Bout Bay Dock 1x Clear Gem
1x Key
1-5 Ruined Ruins Ruins 1x Clear Gem 11
1-Boss Komodo Bros. Ruins/Boss N/A 0
1-Extra Extra Level I Extra/Day 1x Speckled Gem
1x Key
1-Enemy Course Enemy Course I Grassland 1x Checkered Gem 0
2-1 Wild Town Village 1x Clear Gem 7
2-2 Ice Crashes Winter 1x Blue Gem 10
2-3 Wander West City 1x Clear Gem 14
2-4 Under Going Down Underground 1x Clear Gem 5
2-5 Highland Garland Highland 1x Clear Gem
1x Key
2-Boss Barrot Bat Underground/Boss N/A 0
2-Extra Extra Level II Extra/Winter 1x Speckled Gem/1x Key 1
2-Enemy Course Enemy Course ii Grassland 1x Checkered Gem 0
3-1 Jungle Jinx Jungle 1x Green Gem 8
3-2 Apes Japes Chase 1x Clear Gem
1x Key
3-3 Slider Tumbler Atlasphere 1x Clear Gem 6
3-4 Gamble Ramble Party Land 1x Clear Gem 12
3-5 In The Fig of Time Jungle 1x Clear Gem 15
3-Boss Tiny Tiger Jungle/Boss N/A 0
3-Extra Extra Level III Extra/Night 1x Speckled Gem
1x Key
3-Enemy Course Enemy Course III Jungle 1x Checkered Gem 0
4-1 Sandy Bandy Beach 1x Clear Gem 9
4-2 Tidal Oasis Desert 1x Clear Gem 12
4-3 Solitaire Shoal Chaparral 1x Orange Gem
1x Key
4-4 Drench Brook Basin 1x Clear Gem 5
4-5 Squiggly Pat Atlasphere 1x Clear Gem 5
4-Boss Dr. N. Tropy Basin/Boss N/A 0
4-Extra Extra Level IV Extra/Desert 1x Speckled Gem
1x Key
4-Enemy Course Enemy Course IV Desert 1x Checkered Gem 0
5-1 Basin Raising Basin 1x Clear Gem
1x Key
5-2 Reef Wreak Beach 1x Clear Gem 12
5-3 Hydro Zero Underwater 1x Clear Gem 8
5-4 Abyssal Abyss Underground 1x Yellow Gem 6
5-5 Pinball Frenzy Party Land 1x Clear Gem 7
5-Boss Sydro Underwater/Boss N/A 0
5-Extra Extra Level V Extra/Beach 1x Speckled Gem
1x Key
5-Enemy Course Enemy Course V Underwater 1x Checkered Gem 0
6-1 Vortex Sea Underwater 1x Clear Gem
1x Key
6-2 Dark Night Grassland 1x Clear Gem 12
6-3 Jet In Case Flight 1x Clear Gem 2
6-4 Tinny Turndown Factory 1x Clear Gem 8
6-5 Ruined Ruins Ruins 1x Purple Gem 6
6-Boss Dr. N. Gin Flight/Boss 0 N/A
6-Extra Extra Level VI Extra/Ruins 1x Speckled Gem
1x Key
6-Enemy Course Enemy Course VI Castle 1x Checkered Gem 0
7-1 Plane Wars Flight 1x Clear Gem 1
7-2 Mecha Mech Factory 1x Pink Gem 20
7-3 Tawdry Sands Desert 1x Clear Gem 16
7-4 Castle Exterior Palace 1x Clear Gem 15
7-5 Grand Concourse Castle 1x Clear Gem
1x Key
7-Boss Dr. Neo Cortex Castle/Boss N/A 0
7-Extra Extra Level VII Extra/Factory 1x Speckled Gem
1x Key
7-Enemy Course Enemy Course VII Castle 1x Checkered Gem 0
8-1 Mt. Gemless Plateau 1x Clear Gem 5
8-2 Tiny Town City 1x Clear Gem
1x Key
8-3 Thrill Hills Highland 1x Clear Gem 10
8-4 Lost in Frost Winter 1x Clear Gem 8
8-5 Moon Rock Plateau 1x Clear Gem 7
8-6 Fury Finale Castle 1x Spectrum Gem 23
8-Boss Mega-Mix Factory/Boss N/A 0
8-Extra Extra Level VIII Extra/Castle 1x Speckled Gem
1x Key
8-Enemy Course Enemy Course VIII Winter 1x Checkered Gem 0

Enemies Edit

Enemies are avoidable creatures in the game, they usually resemble as a animal, a plant, or a blob. Each single one of them has a different attack and a different appearance, most of them appears in a different level environment. At the bottom, there's a list of enemies.

See Crash and Rass 2: Wacky Worlds/Enemies if you want a more detailed list of enemies.

Returning Enemies Edit

  • Air Striker
  • Blowvase
  • Blue Jellectric
  • Bob-omb
  • Buzzsaw Twortle
  • Camo Gongee
  • Cold Chomper
  • Common Twortle
  • Dokiblok
  • Giant Gongee
  • Giant Skunkoo
  • Gongee
  • Gongee Tribe
  • Hoppen
  • Hopster
  • Kickaroo (previously named “Rangakoo”)
  • Krawkadillian
  • Krawkadiver (previous named "Krawkadillian Diver")
  • Neo Antidote
  • Neo Missile
  • Needleblow
  • Needleblow Needle
  • Octotangle
  • Red Jellectric
  • Skunkoo
  • Spidoo (previously named “Spider”)
  • Spikeshell Twortle
  • Spikeshot (previously named “Pointee”)
  • Tumefyfish
  • Twiddling Twortle
  • Venus Fly Trap
  • Warnhal
  • Whipper
  • Zlying Zypher
  • Zlying Zyreph (previously a type of “Zlying Zypher”)
  • Zypher
  • Zyreph

New Enemies Edit

  • Air Jelly
  • Ample Antidote
  • Arrow Antidote
  • Batfeet
  • Beastfoot
  • Big Bouncer
  • Bigfeet
  • Blower
  • Coldillian
  • Cratebounce
  • Crater
  • Crateroll
  • Craterun
  • Deep Twortle
  • Disctractor Twortle
  • Eelectric
  • Firedillo
  • Fire Feeder
  • Firefish
  • Flish
  • Flollow
  • Fly-bomb
  • Gnome Gongee
  • Hopfeet
  • Hydra Trap
  • Inhaleo
  • Jabberoo
  • Jumpadillo
  • Krawkasnap
  • Lavadillian
  • Mega Missile
  • Metallico
  • Needul
  • Para-bomb
  • Paracrater
  • Peekydillo
  • Pengave
  • Pengo
  • Pengu
  • Pop Uppy
  • Rangy Roller
  • Roller Bugger
  • Rollerdillo
  • Smelly Skunkoo
  • Snapping Twortle
  • Soldierchuck
  • Spectral Snacker
  • Spiked Gongee
  • Springy Gongee
  • Squiddle
  • Stickylegs
  • Stink Fly Trap
  • Tornadillo
  • Woodchucky

Bosses Edit

Unlike the prequel, there are only one boss in each world. Most bosses have a different attack which makes them unique.

Image Boss Description Found in which world?
Rab and Rob These muscular lab assistants may have not get along each other, but they work together to chase the duo out of the way. World 0
The Komodo Bros. The samurai-like brothers are back after a long absence as a game boss, they want a revenge just about right now. World 1
Barrot Bat Barrot is a wizard bat who works for Dr. Neo Cortex right now, he uses some spells to defeat the duo. World 2
Tiny Tiger Tiny is now back in action! He now uses his boulder-controlling machine to squash somebody. World 3
Dr. N. Tropy The time lord, Dr. Nefarious Tropy, has returned after a four-year absence as a major character, he seems to gain more superpowers for his staff. World 4
Sydro The mysterious Sydro is the master of the ocean, he has several weapons that is made from the things of the sea. World 5
Dr. N. Gin Despite being apparently insane, Dr. N. Gin is a smart cyborg who is the assistant of Dr. Neo Cortex, he even created a machine to try to defeat the duo. World 6
Dr. Neo Cortex Ah yes, Dr. Neo Cortex himself is usually the main antagonist in the Crash Bandicoot series, will he get his revenge or will he get an another doom? World 7
Mega-Mix Oh dear, it appears that all the past bosses has combined into one. Stay away from them unless you have something in your pocket that is either defensive and powerful. World 8

Items Edit

There are many items in the game, like the Wumpa Fruit, Aku Aku Crate, Block Crate and the Twortle Shell. A more detailed list can be found in this page.

Returning Items Edit

  • Wumpa Fruit
  • Gems
  • Power Crystal
  • Water Potion
  • Apmuw Fruit
  • Striped Pole
  • Relics
  • Block Crate
  • Twortle Shell
  • Golden Wumpa Fruit
  • Mini Wumpa Fruit
  • Footprint Pad
  • Aku Aku Crate
  • Bounce Crate
  • Arrow Crate
  • TNT Crate
  • Nitro Crate
  • Invisible Crate
  • Iron Crate
  • Porcupine Crate
  • Checkpoint Crate
  • Detonator Crate
  • Surprise Crate
  • Time Crate
  • Star Crate
  • Icee
  • Ico
  • Broken Crate
  • Ball and Chain
  • Fire Bar
  • Vine
  • Trampoline
  • Large Water Potion
  • Wumpa Whip
  • Copter Crate
  • Outline Crate
  • Switch Box
  • Infinity Crate
  • Crash Crate

New Items Edit

  • False Wumpa Fruit
  • Diamond Platform
  • Mega Water Potion
  • Jet Pack Crate
  • Big Bottle Wumpa Whip
  • Prismatic Wumpa Fruit
  • Element Box (Fire/Ice/Water/Earth/Lightning)
  • Diver Crate
  • Prismatic Wumpa Whip
  • Spotted Pole
  • Flying Fruit
  • Metal Boots Crate
  • Guide Box

Other Edit