When a portal for another dimension appears in Sonic's World. It starts to eat everything that is on it's way, including Sonic and his friends. Then they appear on an island called N. Sanity Island. Sonic and his friends start to investigate the island and they discover that there are two islands near N. Sanity Island. Later, Crash (who's on Wumpa Island) hears a strange sound on N. Sanity Island and travels over there.


A look to all the characters, the abilities, the powers and a description

Character Description Special Strength Defence Speed Range
Crash Bandicoot Our favourite bandicoot is a balanced character Orange Spin       7           7     7
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic is a fast one, but he's low on range

Rolling Attack

     8      7     9     4
Coco Bandicoot Coco defends very well, but her attacks aren't that strong Pink Kick      4     10     7     9
Miles Tails Prower Tails can attack from a very large distance, but he can be K.Oed very easy' Tail Swipe      8      2     8    10
Crunch Bandicoot Crunch is a tough one but he's very slow Metal Punch     10      7     2     9
Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles is strong but he's slow on defence Volcanic Dunk     10      3     8     7
Amy Rose Amy is speedy but she's very weak Tantrum      8      2     9     9
Dr. Neo Cortex (Unlocked by beating Amy's Story) Cortex's gun is very powerful but, he's the slowest of them all Projectile Blast     10      7     1    10
Shadow the Hedgehog (Unlocked by beating Cortex's Story) Shadow has got an excellent speed and strength but, he's slow on defence and range Chaos Control     10      4    10     4
Nina Cortex (Unlocked by beating Shadow's Story) Nina has got a great range and a great defence but she's slow on speed and strength Bionic Punch      4      10     4    10

Rouge the Bat (Unlocked by beating Nina's Story)

As well as Crash and N. Gin, Rouge, is a balanced character Jewel Storm      7      7     7     7
N. Gin (Uncloked by beating Rouge's Story) N. Gin is a balanced character Rocket Dash     7      7     7     7
Jet the Hawk (Unlocked by beating N. Gin's Story) Jet is a special character, with all his abilities to the max Basyo Fan Attack     10     10     10    10

Nitros Oxide (Unlocked by beating Jet's Story)

Oxide, as well as Jet, is a special character, with all his abilities to the max Gasmoxian Triple Attack      10     10    10    10
Dr. Eggman (Unlocked by beating Jet's Story) Eggman is a boss, only available in Challenge Mode Giant Missile Attack      10      10    10    10

Story ModeEdit

In Story you can trave along the three islands (Wumpa, N. Sanity, Cortex) to make Sonic and his friends get back to their world.

Challenge ModeEdit

In this mode you play a battle with a handicap for any character. Like can't use Special attack, can't move and more.

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