In N.sanity Island crash bandicoot remembers what happen 2 years ago at crash twinsanity,when he and nina met and joined together to defeat the evil twins, crash wanted to tell nina that he feels the same way that he feels about tawna before she broke up with him.But he was to embarrassed to tell, but now 2 years later right now after mind over mutant,crash thinks he's ready and brave anough to tell her his true feelings about her.The next day crash learned that nina is back at the adcameny of evil,so he went on a mission to go there and tell her about his feelings,so off he went and while he was going there,tropy learns what crash was going to do,so he goes there before him to have the chance to kill him and take nina in his n. team.While crash goes on his journey he battles n.tropy's minons and cortex,after cortex is defeated he learns that trophy wants to kill him,but cortex wants to kill him,so he asks crash to go on his journey and crash aceppts,but crash didn't tell his purpose of his mission.When they got there they saw that tropy was about to take nina,crash and cortex teamed up to defeat him.After that long bloody battle they defeated tropy and he retreats.An hour after that cortex says farewell and says that he will kill crash someday,after he departs crash knows its the time to tell her,it took a few minutes,after that he finally tells her that he loves her from the very beginning, nina was shocked and after few minutes nina tells that she too loves crash and they kiss.after those two years of being enemies they are now a couple.