This Game is for Xbox One, Nintendo NX, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android

Crash and the Fighters are the same style of KOF (Maximum Impact 2 and XIV),Tekken and Street Fighter

Crash and the Fighters,Crash and the Fighters 2:Two Sides,Crash and the Fighters 3:Impact Alpha,Crash and the Fighters 4:Dangerous




  • Scenario Campaing Mode(Fighting Tournament Turmoil)
  • Story Mode
  • Arcade Mode
    • Single
      • Stage 1-3
      • Rival 1
      • Stage 5-7
      • Rival 2
      • VS Glaugan
      • VS Tracknon
    • Team
      • Stage 1-5
      • Team Rival 1
      • Stage 7
      • Team Rival 2
      • VS Glaugan,Streamer and Crazed Jocker
      • VS Tracknon
  • VS. Mode
    • Single
    • Team
    • Party
    • Ball Burst
  • Challenge Mode
    • Tiki Stone Break
    • Car Crash
    • Tank Turmoil
    • Construction Derby
  • Survival
  • Pratice Mode
  • Online
  • Shop
  • Custom


Character Side Alternative 1 Alternative 2(Scenario Campaing) Alternative 3(Challenge Mode) Alternative 4(After finish the Arcade Mode) Alternative 5(After finish story mode) Alternative 6(DLC) Available From Start
Crash Bandicoot Good Winter Crash Future Crash Formal Crash Going Out Crash Makeover Crash Ryu Crash Yes
Coco Bandicoot Good Princess Coco Going Out Coco Formal Coco Makeover Coco Goth Coco Dragon Dress Coco Yes
Crunch Bandicoot Good Mr.Crunch Going Out Crunch Formal Crunch Bad Future Crunch Makeover Crunch Marduk Crunch Yes
Yang Good Makeover Yang Samurai Yang Formal Yang Wild Wolf Yang Beach Yang Going Out Yang Yes
Stephanie Mandark Good Beach Stephanie Going Out Stephanie Formal Stephanie Winter Stephanie Yes
CJ Dactyl Good DJ CJ Going Out CJ Formal CJ Metallic CJ Male Model CJ Ken CJ Finish Arcade Mode with Crash
Thalita Rabbisson Good Magician Thalita Maid Thalita Formal Thalita Summer Thalita Fish Scale Dress Thalita Maxima Thalita Finish Arcade mode with Crunch
Hypper Hippo Good Mud Hypper Going-Out Hypper Formal Hypper Rapper Hypper Half-Life Hypper H.Boy Hypper Finish Arcade mode with Tiny Tiger
Royce Karnivore Good Flower Power Royce Aztec Royce Formal Royce Makeover Royce Nick Fury Royce Full Blade Royce Found him in Scenario Campaing Mode
Diddy Dogster Good Going Out Diddy Makeover Diddy Formal Diddy 'Dash Diddy Gangster Diddy Finish the Arcade Mode with Glaugan,Hypper,Craig and Coco
Lucas Huesos Good Skeleton Lucas Royal Lucas Formal Lucas Makeover Lucas Reach to Stage 70 in the Survival Mode or Finish the Arcade Mode with Nina,Dingodile,Diddy and Yang
Cyan O'Xbat Good Makeover Cyan Royal Cyan Formal Cyan Beachy Cyan Finish the Arcade Mode with Coco
Pasadena O'possum Good Cowgirl Pasadena Makeover Pasadena Formal Pasadena Beach Pasadena Finish the Arcade Mode with CJ
Mery Batter Good Queen Mery Makeover Mery Formal Mery Party Mary Get at least in Top 15 in the Scenario Campaing Mode or Finish the Arcade Mode with Pasadena
Lockhart Deerson  Good Ghostbuster Lockhart Party Lockhart Formal Lockhart Going Out Lockhart Finish the Arcade Mode with Mery and Lucas
Pisces Lumin Good Maiden Pisces Going Out Pisces Formal Pisces Going Out Pisces Finish the Arcade Mode Lockhart
Luna Deep Good Maiden Luna Sport Luna Formal Luna Royal Luna Found her in Waterfalls Ponds and ask to make an alliance in the tournament in Scenario Campaing Mode
Anubis Dash Good Hunter Anubis Egyptian Anubis Formal Anubis Royal Anubis Finish the Arcade Mode with All N.Doctors
Axton Bandicoot Good Going Out Axton Sport Axton Formal Axton Militar Axton Reach to Stage.60 in Survival Mode or Finish the Arcade Mode with Yang
Holly Arcus Good Princess Holly Going Out Holly Formal Holly Beach Holly Win 8 Online Fights
Kylie Bee Good Queen Bee Kylie Cowgirl Kylie Formal Kylie Sport Kylie Royal Kyile Feline Kyile Win 16 Online Fights
Yaya Panda Good Royal Yaya Makeover Yaya Formal Yaya Geisha Yaya Flower Pow Purchase her for 1000 Gems
Kendrick Hietamaki Good Spy Kendrick Makeover Kendrick Formal Kendrick Shinobi Kendrick Winter Kendick Shadow H. Kendrick Finish the Arcade Mode with Shida
Maverick Seapalm Good Surf Maverick Makeover Maverick Formal Meverick Sport Kendrick Winter Maveitck Knight Maverick Finish the Arcade Mode with Terron
Jake Wolf Good Beach Jake Cowboy Jake Formal Jake Makeover Jake Purchase him for 1000 Gems
MZ Lemur Good Beach MZ Savage MZ Formal MZ Party MZ Purchase him for 2000
Pura Good Albine Pura Blue Pura Black Pura Liger Pura Gold Pura Crown Pura Purchase him for 3000 Gems
Polar Good Brown Polar Black Polar Gold Polar Yellow Polar Panda Polar Hula Polar Purchase him for 3000 Gems
Eternity Fawley Good Future Eternity Makeover Eternity Formal Eternity Mythic Eternity Fairy Eternity Platinum Eternity Purchase her for 4000 Gems
Sooki Bandicoot Good Beach Sooki Diva Sooki Formal Sooki Princess Sooki Model Sooki Butterfly Outfit Sooki Purchase her for 4000 Gems
Terron Toise Good Knight Terron Deep Sea Terron Formal Terron Makeover Terron Purchase him for 5000 Gems
Gustavo Snakowf Good Formal Gustavo 'King Gustavo Finish the Arcade Mode with Katsumi
Titan Fenris Good Formal Titan Finish the Arcade Mode with Easton and Mecha Bandicoot
Ingrid Catson Good Princess Ingrid Winter Ingrid Formal Ingrid Beach Ingrid Finish the Arcade Mode with Lindsay
Lindsay Ferrerts Good Formal Lindsay Finish the Arcade Mode with Lizzie
Florzell Santerelli Good Formal Florzell Finish the Arcade Mode with Diddy
Lucas Bravelord Good Formal Bravelord Finish the Arcade Mode with Gustavo
Lola Welch Good Beach Lola Going Out Lola Formal Lola Lethal Lola Finish the Arcade Mode with 2 Perfects in any stage
Webpixie Good White Webpixie Blue Webpixie Sepia Webpixie Pink Webpixie Dots Webpixie Checked Webpixie Purchase him for 5000 Gems
Yoshino Kamiki Good Japanese Dress Yoshino Beach Yoshino Formal Yoshino Floral Dress Yoshino Finish the Arcade Mode with Razor
Marshall Dragon Good Going Out Marshall Formal Marshall Pro Wrestler Marshall Finish the Arcade Mode with Pisces
Neema Leo Neutral Tribal Neema Beach Neema Formal Neema Make-Over Neema Yes
Zam Neutral Going Out Zam Savage Zam Formal Zam Gasmoxian Zam Yes
Faybelle Echoe Neutral Fairy Faybelle Goth Faybelle Formal Faybelle Bloom Dress Faybelle Diva Faybelle Cloud Outfit Faybelle Found her in Scenario Campaing(After clear the Area 2)
Virote Thae Neutral Rockstar Virote DJ Virote Formal Virote Beach Viote Finish the Arcade mode with a good character and a evil character
Melanie Holt Neutral Melanie Doll Diva Melanie Formal Melanie Winter Melanie Finish the Arcade Mode in Team
Shida Wilder Neutral Surf Shida Sport Shida Formal Shida Going Out Shida Finish the Arcade Mode with 2 good characters and 2 evil characters
Katsumi Rhyde Neutral Surf Katsumi Going Out Katsumi Formal Katsumi Makeover Katsumi Finish the Arcade Mode with 2 Neutral Characters
Stitches Neutral Metal Stitches Cyber Punk Stitches Formal Stitches Makeover Stitiches Purchase him for 2000 Gems
Easton Neutral Pastel Goth Easton Formal Easton Rocker Easton Finish the Arcade Mode with Stephanie
Akzok Neutral Formal Akzok Candy Akzok Finish the Arcade Mode with Marshall
Oni Neutral Finish the Arcade Mode with Any 3rd Party Characters
Neo Cortex Evil Good Cortex Greek Cortex Formal Cortex Future Cortex Yes
Nina Cortex Evil Nurse Nina Makeover Nina Formal Nina  Beachy Nina Lolita Nina Yes
Tiny Tiger Evil Savage Tiny Militar Tiny Formal Tiny King Tiger Makeover Tiny Armor Tiny Yes
Craig Bandicoot Evil Spy Craig Going Out Craig Formal Craig Armor Craig Yes
Razor Dragon Evil Formal Razor Emperor Razor Yes
Dingodile Evil Farmer Dingodile Soldier Dingodile Formal Dingodile Makeover Dingodile Found him in Scenario Campaing Mode
Koala Kong Evil Warrior Koala Going Out Koala Formal Koala Gangster Koala Finish the Arcade Mode with Hypper Hippo
Rilla Roo Evil Circus Rilla Ermerald Rilla Formal Rilla Toy Plush Rilla Militar Rilla Thunder-Rilla Reach to Lv 5 of Tank Turmoil in Challenge Mode
Yin Evil Spy-Girl Yin Lolita Yin Formal Yin Empress Yin Spring Yin Leopard Jungle Yin Defeat her in Scenario Campaing Mode
Ram-Kaz Evil Pharaoh Ram

R.U.M.B.L.E. Suit Ram

Formal Ram Warrior Ram Finish the Arcade mode with Royce
Glaugan Evil R.U.M.B.L.E. Armor Suit Going Out Glaugan Formal Glaugan Beast Glaugan Complete the lv 5 of Tiki Stone Break in Challenge Mode
Lizzie Bandicoot Evil Beach Lizzie Diva Lizzie Formal Lizzie Militar Lizzie Finish the Arcade Mode with Yin
Tawna Bandicoot Evil Diva Tawna Beach Lizzie Formal Tawna Royal Tawna Finish the Arcade Mode with All Bandicoots
Mecha Bandicoot Evil Bronze Mecha Titan Mecha Formal Mecha Demi-Coot Mecha Reach to Lv.5 in All challenges in Challenge Mode and Stage 50 in Survival Mode
Pinstripe Potoroo Evil Gangster Pinstripe Makeover Pinstripe Formal Pinstripe Going Out Pinstripe Finish the Arcade Mode with Tawna
Dr.N.Tropy Evil Omega Tropy Vacation Tropy Formal Tropy Diamond Tropy Reach to Conqueror Rank in Arcade Mode
N.Trance Evil Bounty Hunter Trance Void Trance Formal Trance Knight Trance Reach to Lv.5 in Car Crash in Challenge Mode
N.Gin Evil Old N.Gin Future N.Gin Formal N.Gin Female N.Gin Finish the Arcade Mode with Ram-Kaz
Streamer Punk Evil Cyber Punk Streamer Bad Future Streamer Formal Streamer Mecha Streamer Finish the Arcade Mode with Crunch,Faybelle,Mecha
N.Oxide Evil Circus N.Oxide King Oxide Formal Oxide Supreme Oxide Purchase for 1000 Gems
N.Vie Evil Queen N.Vie Armor N.Vie Formal N.Vie Alternative N.Vie Purchase for 2000 Gems
Rexx Delroy Evil Jungle Rexx Makeover Rexx Formal Rexx Party Rexx Purchase for 2000 Gems
King Wyvern Evil Royal Wyvern Makeover Wyvern Formal Wyvern Bad Future Wyvern Purchase for 3000 Gems
Celia Catwood Evil Makeover Celia Sport Celia Formal Celia Omega Celia Purchase for 3000 Gems
Land Shark Evil Red Blood Shark Hammer Shark  Platinum Shark White Shark Purchase for 3000 Gems
Maleficik Evil Merlin Maleficik Makeover Maleficik Formal Maleficik Get at least Top 4 and defeat him on Scenario Campaing
Crazed Jocker Evil Arrested Jocker Formal Jocker Get at least Top 12 in Scenario Campaing
Tracknon Evil Formal Tracknon Finish the Scenario Campaing

3rd PlayablesEdit

Character Side Alternative 1 Alternative 2 Alternative 3 Alternative 4 Alternative 5 Alternative 6(DLC) Available From Start
Spyro Good Green Spyro Were-Dragon Spyro Formal Spyro Golden Were-Dragon Spyro Were Spyro-Jin Win10 consecutive fights with perfect 
Sonic the Hedgehog Good Boom Sonic Super Sonic Formal Sonic Knight Sonic Riders Sonic Purchase Him 1,000 Gems
Sally Acorn (Post-SGW Outfit) Good Post-SGW Design with short Boots Post-SGW Alternate Designs Formal Sally Squirrel Girl Cosplay Princess Sally Purchase Either Her for 1,000 Gems or Purchase Sonic and Sally 2,000 Gems
Franke Stein Good Beach Frankie Makeover Frankie Formal Frankie Going Out Frankie Purchase Her for 1000 Gems
Q*Bert Good Green Q*Bert Yellow Q*Bert Black and White Q*Bert Berry Q*Bert Purchase him for 2000 gems
Turbo Cy-Bug Evil King Candy Win 24 Online Fights
Toralei Stripes Evil Sport Toralei Going Out Toralei Formal Stripes Beach Toralei Finish ther Arcade Mode with Frankie
Cynder Evil Finish the Arcade Mode with Spyro
Rainbow Dash Good Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash Finish the Arcade Mode with Cynder and Q*Bert
Jake Good Captain Jack Sparrow Outfit Captain Jake Sleepwear Finish the Arcade mode either with Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn or Rainbow Dash
Uncle Scrooge Good Finish the Arcade Mode with Titan 
Magica de Spell Evil Finish the Arcade Mode with Uncle Scrooge


Character Side
Drayden Dogster Good
Ripper Roo Neutral
Marianna Flykean Good
Viscount Evil
Zem Neutral
Evil Crash Evil
Ratchet Good
Umber Evil
Farris Al-Thazz Neutral
Penta Penguin Good
Salomée Neutral
Papu Papu Evil
Baby T. Good
Tristan Rex Good
Leon Halshack Neutral
Jacqueline McCaw Neutral
Bearminator Evil
Esther Foxy Evil


  • Mike the Microphone (Disney's House of Mouse)- Guest Commentator and Announcer
  • Striped Webpixie-Online Commentator

Ultra MovesEdit

Character LV 1 LV 2 LV 3 LV EX
Crash Bandicoot Toss and Spin Pilerdrive Orange Tornado Wumpa Bazooka Aku Aku Cross
Coco Bandicoot Karate Combo CQC(Coco's Quick Combination) Aku Aku Protect Robot Take-Out
Crunch Bandicoot Missile Turmoil Crunch Time Mask Mash Atlasphere Catastrophe
Yang Twin Cutter Samurai Honor
Stephanie Mandark Spice Up Fleisher Fire
CJ Dactyl Thunderstorm Thunderhollic
Thalita Rabbisson Card Lust Twinnie Winning Magician Static Magical Spades
Hypper Hippo Mudslide Mud Fight Combination
Royce Karnivore Peaceful Flowers A-Z-Toss Vine Trap Carnivore Frenzy
Diddy Dogster Samba Dash AMP Break-Down Dark Brutal Finish
Lucas Huesos Dead Man Walking
Cyan O'Xbat
Pasadena O'possum Rodeo Ride Lasso,Entwine and Swirl
Mery Batter
Lockhart Deerson  Log Hammer Log Throw
Pisces Lumin Light Repulse
Luna Deep Inundation Dance
Anubis Dash
Axton Bandicoot DCM(Defensive Counter Manuever)
Holly Arcus Aurora Typhoon
Kylie Bee Honey Coaster Fly Trip Honey Combination Hold Bees Time
Yaya Panda Bamboo Bamboo Hosenka
Kendrick Hietamaki Hashinsho Fatal Frozen Fire
Maverick Seapalm
Jake Wolf
MZ Lemur Quick and Sneaky
Pura Tiger Fury
Polar Crunch and Throw Icicle Tyrant Bear's Ice Age
Eternity Fawley Wormhole Vortex Time Wrap Distortion Wrap
Sooki Bandicoot Graceful Move Home Run
Terron Toise Yori Kosokuna Sheru
Gustavo Snakowf Poisonous Mouth Snake Wrap Arm Swing Assault Twin Guns Assault
Titan Fenris Arm Tragedy
Ingrid Catson High Heel Reversal
Lindsay Ferrerts
Florzell Santerelli Hair Lasso Floral Huricane
Lucas Bravelord Loyal Swords
Lola Welch Lipstick Web Aphrodite's Wrath Diva Lounge Stay Out to My Spotlight
Webpixie Heal Luminous Hole Chubba Webpixie King Webpixie
Yoshino Kamiki Suripusongu Madame Butterfly Cho-Cho
Marshall Dragon
Neema Leo Healing Brave Bird Hunter Chance
Zam GULP!! And Spit Poison Bite Spinball Cannon Big Zam
Faybelle Echoe Switch Shot Satin Veil Spin
Virote Thae
Melanie Holt Tag,You're it Dollhouse Milk and Cookies Pity Party
Shida Wilder
Katsumi Rhyde
Easton Meteor Shower
Oni Tenchi Sogaiken
Neo Cortex Bubble Shield Mojo Turmoil Mojo Mix
Nina Cortex
Tiny Tiger TCC(Tiny's Cranky Combo)
Craig Bandicoot
Razor Dragon Chains and Blades
Dingodile Fiery Flow
Koala Kong
Rilla Roo
Yin Twin Slasher
Ram-Kaz Ank Combo Mummy Me Sarcophagus Crush Egyptian Rage
Glaugan Fire-Thon Black Hole
Lizzie Bandicoot Smash Up AAC(Anti Air Combination) Spiral Burst LQC(Lizzie Quick Combination)
Tawna Bandicoot Bad Romance
Mecha Bandicoot CC1(Commando Combo 1) CC2(Commando Combo 2) CC3(Commando Combo 3) Impulse Repulse
Pinstripe Potoroo Tommy Gun Rage
Dr.N.Tropy Out of Time Spacial Rend Temporal Fissure Time Destroyer
N.Trance Hypno-Mancer
N.Gin Spaceship Blast
Streamer Punk
N.Oxide Oxide Smoke Oxide's Cross Smoke
N.Vie Beautylicious
Rexx Delroy
King Wyvern
Celia Catwood OC(Omega Combination)
Land Shark Murderous Bite
Maleficik Mirror Spell Absorb Power Transform X-Cutter Spell
Crazed Jocker Acid Flower Slaughter Gas Accomplices of the Crime Unpredictable
Tracknon Raging Akuma Wrath of the Inferno Destructor Final Apocalypse
Spyro Flamethrower
Sonic the Hedgehog Excalibur Smash Super Sonic
Sally Acorn
Frankie Stein Electric Fusion Franken-Mistress
Turbo Cy-Bug
Toralei Stripes
Rainbow Dash
Uncle Scrooge Money Vault
Magica de Spell Mirror Mirror
Drayden Dogster Reverse AMP Samba X-Cutter DEM(Defense Electric Manuever) Electrical Dance
Ripper Roo Pogo-a-Gogo Pogo Nitro Nitro Rain Nitro Asylum
Marianna Flykean Wild Winds Supernova
Evil Crash Bloody Claw Pilerdrive Duo Assault Trio Takedown Devil Dasher
Farris Al-Thazz Windstorm
Penta Penguin Peck,Peck,Peck Slide Slide Hailstorm Penguin Finish
Papu Papu
Baby T.
Tristan Rex
Leon Halshack
Jacqueline McCaw Amazon Rage
Esther Foxy Gun-minator

Arcade Mode EndingsEdit

Crash's EndingEdit

Pasadena's EndingEdit

Coco's EndingEdit

Coco asks Sooki for her to reform her, Sooki asking if accepted and everything from the hair to the clothes and Coco saying yes. A few hours later, Coco complains about is not how she wanted and redo everything again. Hours and hours later Coco think-standing perfect and thanks. In the street many men whistled at her and making some women get jealous even Tawna who tried to bomb in her

CJ's EndingEdit

CJ and Coco are invited to a romantic dinner, however they do not sabem.A night they meet and CJ felt kind of embarrassed about it and sat down. He did not say anything and just bothering Coco running out to ask if he who invited her to come here on a romantic dinner, and he said no and says he thought the Coco the two convidou.Os look the other way and see Crunch, Axton & Pasadena as waiters and ends with Coco getting angry and CJ throwing food in them

Crunch's EndingEdit

Thalita's EndingEdit

Neema's EndingEdit

Faybelle's EndingEdit

After the tournament, Faybelle looking Rilla Roo, looked to one side looked at each other and nothing of it. After searching for hours she gives to look, she sits and gets sad wondering if he would come back, she lifts slowly and see him holding a flower. She was so happy he gave a kiss on the mouth and said he will not part with it

Rilla Roo's EndingEdit

After Faybelle kissed him,the two went to the amusement park walk until they saw a tent rings that had a plush version of him. Faybelle wanted one,Rilla tried several times but failed to hit.After the last ring he gives up,Faybelle is sad, and she asked the guy a ring, and the delivery guy the last ring, her aim and hit.After her win Rilla Roo's plush,she kissed Rilla Roo, making him blush


  • Colloseum Arena
  • Training Stage
  • Air Baloon Skies
  • Rocky Rocks
  • Clubhouse
  • Haunted Hall
  • Funny Festival
  • Stadium
  • Royal Palace
  • Deep Depths
  • Tumbleweed Gulch
  • Nightgale Alley
  • Little Island
  • Wipeout Rift
  • Hot Heat Factory
  • R.U.M.B.L.E. Cryo Unit
  • R.U.M.B.L.E. Space Colony
  • Basilisk Nest
  • Snow Paradise
  • Glacial Streets
  • Moonflower Gardens
  • Technodome
  • Donut Dungeon
  • Solstice Wilds
  • Electron Avenue
  • Steampunk Hideout
  • Remix Clubhouse 
  • Castle Hall
  • Wheat Village
  • Graveyard
  • Subway
  • Cruiser
  • Puebla Calaveras
  • Tropical Jungle
  • Scavelier City
  • Alltrades Ruins
  • LeOpera
  • Volcanic Rim
  • Armada Airship
  • Waterfall Lake(Talk to Royce,Luna,Tiny & Rilla to make an alliance in the tournament)
  • Sun Woods(Get at least in Top 32 in Scenario Campaing Mode)
  • Stormy Ascent(Get at least in Top 16 in Scenario Campaing Mode)
  • Port Town(Get at least in Top 8 in Scenario Campaing Mode)
  • Castle Furniture(Get at least Top 4 in Scenario Campaing Mode)
  • Aerial Platform(Win the Champion and defeat the boss in Scenario Campaing Mode)
  • Mechanic Tower(Reach to Lv.6 in Tank Turmoil)
  • Arcade Lane(Reach to Lv.6 in All Challenges)
  • Tropical Festival(Finish the Arcade Mode with Pisces)
  • Central Plaza(Finish the Arcade Mode at least 15 characters)
  • Ninja Dojo(Finish the Arcade Mode with Kendrick)
  • Geisha Ponds(Finish the Arcade Mode with Yoshino)
  • Moon Dome(Finish the Arcade Mode with Uncle Scrooge)
  • Showtime Ring(Purchase for 15000 Gems)
  • Wumpa Treeway(Purchase for 150000 Gems)
  • Terra Dome(Purchase for 18000 Gems)
  • Magnetic Mayhem(Purchase for 18000 Gems)
  • Parking Lot(Purchase for 20000 Gems)
  • Fairytales Land(Purchase for 20000 Gems)
  • Kisekae Mountain(Purchase for 30000 Gems)
  • Golden Collossus(Purchase for 50000 Gems)
  • White Palace(Purchase for 100000 Gems)
  • Victoria Regia(DLC)
  • 12th Dimension(DLC)
  • Darkmoon Volcano(DLC)
  • Salomée's Estate(DLC) 
  • Bonesaw Caves(DLC)
  • Purple Skies(DLC)


  • Some endings has some instrumentals &/or excerpts
    • Crash's Ending:The Phoenix and Centuries by Fall Out Boy
    • Coco's Ending:Too Much by Meghan Trainor
    • Faybelle's Ending:Grenade by Bruno Mars
    • Rilla Roo's Ending:Carousel by Melanie Martinez
    • Tawna's Ending:Give me All your luvin' by Madonna
    • Mecha and Stitches Endings:I Need A Doctor by Eminem ft Dr.Dre and Skylar Grey
    • Diddy's Ending:I've Got to let know you by Lil Johanna and Mas Que Nada by Sergio Mendes ft Black Eyed Peas
    • Eternity's Ending:Fly on the wall by tATu and Mini World by Indila
  • Some Characters has weapon
    • Crash:Wumpa Bazookah
    • Coco,N Gin and N.Vie:A Robot
    • Kendrick,Lucas Bravelord,Yin*,Yang*,Terron and Jake:Sword
      • Yin and Yang has two swords
    • Neema:Spear
    • Pinstripe:Tommy Gun
    • Lola:Compact Powder
    • Gustavo,Ratchet and Esther:2 Guns
      • Esther has two guns called Death and Pain
    • Melanie:Knife and Dollhouse
  • Baby T. and Webpixie are the smallest characters