This Game is for X360,XOne,PS3,PS4,PS5,Nintendo NX


Story ModeEdit

The Story Mode will be in the team chapters

Arcade ModeEdit

The same of previous game


Team BandicootEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available from start
Crash Bandicoot
  • Toss and Spin Pilerdrive
  • Aku Aku Millenium
  • Gaia Crash
Coco Bandicoot
  • Tantrum
Crunch Bandicoot
  • Boombox
  • Atlasphere Delta Force
  • Atlasphere Mix-Up
  • Missile 
Sarah Bandisune
  • Hurt and Heal
  • Inferno Heavier
  • Light Chamber
  • Purgatory Boombayah


Team CortexEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available from start
Dr.Neo Cortex
  • Mojo Burst
  • F.A.T.E. Cortex
  • Time Wrap
  • FreeFall
  • Gravitonne
  • Clockwork Beam
  • Time Over
  • Out Of Time
  • Time Sentence
Hallen Panther
  • Rock'N Roll
  • Bergentruckun
  • Remix Out
  • Halftime Show
  • Devastation Soprano
Evil Diddy
  • Atlasphere Delta Force
  • Singularity Beam
  • Freestyle
  • Heal Plus
  • Zephyr Baton
  • Zephyr Punch
  • Prometheus Circuit
  • Pressurizer
  • Gravitonne
  • Boombayah
  • Baton Hedge
  • Ultimate Blade Combo
  • Yes(Story Mode)
  • Finish the Team Cortex's Chapter

Team Official InvitationEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available From Start
Kyoichi Nagi
  • Spear Web
Valentine Von Draco Yes
Angela'Flirty Heart'Walker
  • Aphrodite's Spear
  • Cupid Aims
  • Bad Apple
  • Deceit Kiss
  • Cracker Gun
  • Destructor

Team HunterEdit

Anubis Hunter

Team MagiqueEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available from start
Thalita Rabbisson Yes
Evelina Nostra
  • Medusa Spell
  • Wrap Up
Thalles Lyon
  • Switch
  • Lightning Sword Box

Team JapanEdit

Available From Start
Kendrick Hietamaki Sandstorm Yes
Yoshino Kamiki
  • Madame Butterfly
  • Cherry Bloom Storm
Takahiro Tsushima
  • Yes
  • Finish the Arcade Mode with 12 Characters
Wakaki Lightbloom
  • Yes
  • Get at least 2 perfects with a combo
  • Finish all team chapters
  • Cheat Code

Team OakEdit

Available From Start
Sue 'Suzzie' Swizzle Quick Tantrum Yes
Sheldon 'Arrow' Galestorm
  • Brave Bird
Tiberius Sherman
  • Fire Strings
Smoky Air
  • Yes
  • Finish the Team Oak's Chapter
Chica Araña
  • Fart Bean
  • Whip It
  • Feed my pet
  • Web Stunner
  • Piñata Fest
  • Yes
  • Finish The Team Bandicoot's Chapter

Team FrenzyEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LVEX Available From Start
Stephanie Mandark
  • High Fire Spin
  • Flaming Acrobat
  • Starlight Veil
  • Stop
  • Juggling Fire
  • Spice Up
  • Incinerate
Diddy Dogster
  • Heartache
  • Symphony Quake
  • Freestyle
  • AMP
  • Tell It To My Heart
  • Ebony Burst
  • Luz Do Sol
  • Sad Melodies
  • Disturbia
  • Lockdown and Smash
  • Madrugada
  • Vista da Noite
  • Spectral Slashes
  • Lunairetic
  • Forever Zero
  • Dark Feral
  • Derniere Danse
  • Tourner Dans Le Vide
  • Ice Dub & Bombamdo
Kamden Krashna
  • Crab Cutter
  • Coral Craft
  • Surf Time
Monica 'Velvet' Lahbree
  • Pom Pom Backflip
  • Plush Tantrum
  • Back Broke
  • Pom Pom Assault
  • Yes
  • Finish The Team Bandicoot's Chapter

Team MilitumEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available from Start
Lachlan Eagle Patriot Up Yes
Alec Raivo Arm Gun Terminator Yes
Axton Bandicoot AFC(Axton's Fatal Combination) Yes
Razor Dragon Razor Chains
  • Finish the Team Frenzy's Chapter

Team ExperimentsEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available From Start
Ratcicle Yes
  • Cancel Power
Elemental Fusion Yes
Project I.V.Y
  • Yes
  • Finish two teams chapter
Agent J Yes

Team MotorworldEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available From Start
Von Clutch
  • Yes
  • Finish the Arcade Mode with any team
Pasadena O'possum Yes
Faith Panther
  • Hypno Sound
  • Virtuous Violin
  • Melody Crusher
  • Finish The Team Cortex Chapter
Allan Tapir
  • Aerosaucer
  • Aeroblast
  • Aerosion
  • Aerobuster
  • Fly Trap Carnage
  • Suck Blow Clover
  • Mega Aerosaucer
  • Mega Aeroblast
  • Mega Aerosion
  • Mega Aerobuster
  • Revenge
  • Venegance
  • Fungi Mutant
  • Nature Typhoon
  • Vendetta
  • Finish the Team Cortex's Chapter

Team PeaceEdit

Royce Karni-Vore
  • Carnivore Frenzy
  • Earth Frenzy
Florzell Santerelli
  • Toward the Sun
  • Cielo Azul
  • Tangled Untangled
  • Sexy Wink
Ghost Pepper
  • My Boo
  • Swallow and Shake
  • Ghost Pepper's Gang
  • Yes
  • Finish the Team Peace's Chapter
Hector Bruma
  • Red Mist
  • Yes
  • Finish the Arcade Mode

Team MoneyEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available From Start
  • Fake Moneys
  • Swift Change
Robot Take-Out
  • Dirty Play
  • Black Hole
Zen Peace Away
  • Blind Passion
  • Yes
  • Finish the Arcade Mode with Royce Karni-Vore
Ashtray Flava
  • Flame Wheel
  • Incendio
  • Eruption
Rexx Delroy Yes

Team MysteryEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV 5 LV EX Available from start
Starlet Owl
  • Yes
  • Win 4 consecutive fights
Lux Earington
  • Cat Eyes
  • Yes
  • Finish the Team Money's Chapter
Ravi Hendrix
  • Yes
  • Get at least 355 seconds in Pratice mode
Brazen Bull
  • Yes
  • Finish the Team Motoworld's Chapter

Team NeoEdit

Team BrattyEdit

Team DivineEdit

Team HottieEdit

Team WebpixieEdit

Team Sweet 'N SpicyEdit

Team Big BossEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available From Start
  • Missile Traction
  • Finish the Team Magique's Story
  • Behemoth Rush
  • Fiery Chamber
  • Finish the Team Money's Story
  • Mental Collapse
  • Finish the Team Motoworld's Story
Emperor Rush
  • Command Minions
  • Make 3x LV5 Ultra Moves

Team Alter-EgoEdit

Available From Start
Metal Crash
  • Finish the Team Bandicoot's Chapter
Crazed Genesis
  • Finish the Team Frenzy's Chapter
Stormburst Arrow
  • Finish the Team Oak's Chapter
The Violinist
  • Finish the Team Motoworld's Chapter

Team Under-ControlEdit

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV EX Available from start
Ian Mandark
  • Fleisher Fire
  • Fire Body
  • Grey Energy
  • Excaliburn
  • Fire Pillar
  • Grey Incendio
  • Spice Up
  • Incendio Burst
  • Calidae Burst
  • Astral Crusher
  • Finish the Team Frenzy's Chapter
Attila Panther
  • Grey Energy
  • Melody Crusher
  • Clef Rain
  • Neutralize Treb
  • Halftime Show
  • Grey Melody
  • Final Lyrical
  • Virtuous Violin
  • Orchestra Torpedo
  • Devastation Soprano
  • Derniere Danse
  • Finish the Team Motoworld's Chapter
Wes Dogster
  • Lunairetic
  • Light Cross
  • DEM(Defense Electric Manuever)
  • Security Reversal
  • Grey Energy
  • Shotdown
  • Starcatto
  • Samba Dash
  • Ebony Combo
  • Twin Dash
  • Singularity Beam
  • Zephyr Baton
  • Forever Zero
  • Light Saber
  • Magnetic Repulse
  • Rose Death
  • Grey Eclipse
  • Time Over
  • Titanium Lift
  • No Gun Assault
  • Twin Guns Assault
  • Ebony's Ragnarok
  • Finish the Team ????'s Chapter
Chrissy 'Windbraker' Galestorm
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Grey Energy
  • Meteor Shower
  • Brave Grey
  • Brave Bird
  • Marionette
  • Feather Arrow
  • Windbraker
  • Sledge Tornado
  • MC(Majority Combination)
  • Finish the Team Oak's Chapter
  • Drain All
  • Time Out
Finish All Chapters


  • Eternity Fawley


  • Abyss:A dark chamber inside of a ruin with a little torchs
  • Hero Road:A dirt road with guard rails around
  • Salomeé's Estate:A Huge estate with a huge manor
  • Ghosthly Manor:A manor with several ghosts watching the fight
  • Tormentor Graveyard:The cemetery that contains breakable tombstones,some zombie body parts in the ground
  • Dream Waltz:Takes in a luxury mansion in a artificial island
  • Medium Heat:A square-sharp field in the middle of a volcano
  • Moon Dome:Coliseum-like in the Moon
  • N.Sanity Beach:The classical beach with some monkeys and dolphins in the background  
  • Freezy Paradise:A Circle sharped-like,resembles a half igloo
  • Bloodmoon Palace:A palace in a blood moon making the sky red stage,some arrows and dragons in the background
  • Party at Cruiser:A party in the Crescenda cruiser en route of Vista Freschi
  • Vista Freschi:A city near in a bay with a port with the cruiser in background
  • Starcraft Castle's Throne(Star Castle's Throne in PAL Regions):The famous throne on the castle from Stellar Kingdom
  • Hideous Chamber:Inside of a Factory,with a chamber and many workers
  • Golem Mines:The deep of a gold mine with many miners extracting gold
  • Technomania:A futuristic town,in the center a elevator-like
  • Beachside Front(Bayview Bonfire in PAL Regions):A bay in the city at night with a bonfire
  • Metallic Factory:
  • Treetop Village:
  • Ghostly School:A abandoned school
  • Shoals Island
  • Rooftop's Village
  • Street(Mid-Day):
  • Stree(Night):
  • Sencora Jungle:
  • Snowtide Town
  • Night Alley
  • Shedosukeru Clan:
  • Angela's Heart Ring Showtime:This is stage in a Showtime of Angela which contains a ring heart sharped 
  • Draco's Catacomb:This place takes inside of Bloodmoon Castle with some bats,mouses,a portrait of a lady and some execution method weapons(ex:Guillotine)
  • Tropical Festival::This place has two sections,first and second round:takes in a circle sharped with yellow timbers adorned,3rd and forth rounds:after the winner of 2nd round jumping,in a circle sharped with the crowd in the festival
  • Victoria Regia:Is the giant water lily with the giant flower floating
  • Night Samba Lagoon:
  • Jolly Mango Palms:In the beach with severals cars allegories surrounding,has two sections
  • Weird Express:Take in a moving train to the various dimensions,has an eye and some tentacles
  • Bright Train:Takes in a moving train at afternoon,night and the morning
  • Unknown Lab
  • Demeter's House:The large courtyard of Demeter
  • Twinsanity Arena
  • Lab Basement
  • Blizzaruss Town
  • Tournament Ring:The classical fight ring
  • Cortex Warehouse:The warehouse with many Crates,Inventions and experiments of Cortex
  • Cortex Castle
  • Boss Arena(Boss's Lair in PAL Regions)
  • Final Stage

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