Crash bandicoot's Prehistoric Adventure is a Playstation 3 exclusive similar to Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves

This Game is Created by Naughty Dog

this game can be Stand alone game and full game rather than Tech Demo like Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves do.

Dinosaurs are Friendly to cavepeoples but it sometime They attack Crash bandicoot for destroying Dr. Cortex's Plan.

But Rather, The Game's Plot more like Crash bandicoot but with Prehistoric elements like Riding on baby T-Rex (which grows Older).


The Game Begins with Crash bandicoot Relaxing on The Beach (Which is in N.sanity island),

but Dr. Cortex Turning The world into Prehistoric world (whereas Crash bandicoot 3: Wraped has prehistoric levels), Crash Bandicoot tries to find what they do. but He Found Baby T-Rex (From Crash bandicoot 3: Wraped),

after dingodile was Defeated, Crash bandicoot go in to Next bosses.

After Tiny Tiger was Defeated, Crash bandicoot Go in to Dr. Cortex's Castle (albelt it look like a giant Hut mixed with Futuristic Features),

it not ready yet....