The game opens up when Crash falls out of a plane his sister is piloting. The reason, because some odd activity is coming from Cortexs' lair. Once Crash enters Cortex saps Crash with a death ray. Luckily Aku Aku enters crash's body and turns crash into super crash(A buff and golden version of Crash). After cortex is defeated Crash and Aku Aku escape. And Carsh can now do melee attacks. Cortex and his cronies decied to search for the many colored eyes so they can get the golden eye and rule the world. Coco finds out about this and she let's Crash use her portal chamber to search for the eyes. After getting all the eyes Cortex arrives and takes the eyes. Crash confronts Cortex and the other bosses. After defeating them Crash gets of Cortex's space lair. The shuttle explodes and land on a beach near Wumpa islands. Get 100% of the game in all 3 episodes and approach the remains of the ship and the real final bosses will emerge The villains have fused together and Crash must defeat them. Afterwards the villains are trapped in a ice berg and the game ends with Cortex says he will get his revenge one day.

Bosses: Crash Bandicoot, Fake Crash, Evil Crash, Tiny Tiger, Dingodile, Ripper Roo, Pinstripe, Rusty Walrus, N.Oxide, N.brio, Rilla Roo and N.gin(same world), Koala Kong, N.Tropy, The Evil Twins(n.sanity island), Nina, Papu Papu, The Komodo Brothers, N-Trance, Villan spinner, Amalgamation(100% boss), Cortex(tutorial boss)


There are Ten Levels in the Game, In Crash's Story, You can Run and Spin Through to Collect Crystals and A Map Level where You Can Choose Levels and Double-Round Boss Levels. In Fake Crash's Story, You Can Drive and Beat Other Characters in Races. and In Evil Crash's Story,You Can Fight Enimies in Three-Round Match Levels.

Crash Bandicoot EpisodeEdit

(Unlocked From Start)

Tutorial Boss: Dr. Neo Cortex

Level 1: Golden Beach

Boss 1: Koala Kong and Tiny Tiger (The Old Temple)

Level 2: The Old Temple

Boss 2: Dingodile and Evil Crash (Golden Beach)

Level 3: Pyramid Desert

Level 4: Volcanic Wasteland

Level 5: Volcano

Boss 3: Dr. N. Gin and Fake Crash (Volcano)

Level 6: Railway Station

Boss 4: Rilla Roo and Nina Cortex (Dark Jungle)

Level 7: Dark Jungle

Level 8: Old Castle

Level 9: Aquatic Base

Boss 5: Dr. Neo Cortex and Villain Spinner (Aquatic Base)

Fake Crash Bandicoot EpisodeEdit

(Unlocked By Defeating Fake Crash in Either Crash's Episode or Evil Crash's Episode)

Tutorial Boss: N - Trance

Level 1: Pyramid Desert

Boss 1: Papu Papu and Ripper Roo (Pyramid Desert)

Level 2: Old Castle

Level 3: Volcanic Wasteland

Level 4: Volcano

Boss 2: Dr. N. Gin and Crash Bandicoot (Volcano)

Level 5: Dark Jungle

Boss 3:Koala Kong and Pinstripe Poteroo (Dark Jungle)

Level 6: Railway Station

Boss 5: Komodo Bros and Evil Crash (Railway Sation)

Level 7: Aquatic Base

Level 8: Golden Beach

Level 9: The Old Temple

Boss 5: N-Trance and Villain Spinner (The Old Temple)

Evil Crash Bandicoot EpisodeEdit

(Unlocked By Defeating Evil Crash in Crash's Episode)

Tutorial Boss: Evil Twins

Level 1: Volcanic Wasteland

Boss 1: Dr. N. Brio and Rusty Walrus (Volcanic Wasteland)

Level 2: Dark Jungle

Level 3: Golden Beach

Level 4: The Old Temple

Boss 2: Dingodile and Crash Bandicoot (Golden Beach)

Level 5: Pyramid Desert

Boss 3: Tiny Tiger, Rilla Roo and Nitrus Oxide (Pyramid Desert)

Level 6: Railway Station

Boss 4: Komodo Bros. and Fake Crash (Railway Station)

Level 7: Dark Jungle

Level 8: Old Castle

Level 9: Volcano

Boss 5: Evil Twins and Villain Spinner (Volcano)

Final EpisodeEdit

(Unlocked By Completing Crash's Episode, Fake Crash's Episode and Evil Crash's Episode)

Level 1: The End Of the World

Final Boss: Amalgamation

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