Crash takes Japan is the 1st crash game to EVER feature Maikeru Bandicoot (though he is a non-playable character).The game is focused on the bandicoots being lost in Kawasaki,Japan and having to find a way home.When in Japan,they meet up with Cortex (conveniently) and his new expiriment,Maikeru.After a boss battle (and a can of "crash-a cola") they become friends,and Maikeru evetually develops an interest in Coco.




Crash:*talks gibberish*

Coco:Help me fix this teleporting thingy!

Crunch:You gotta clean the house,first!

Coco:Who are you,my mother.Wait,do we HAVE a mom?


Coco:Whatever,just go across the island and get me that piece I was looking for!

(After Crash finds the piece)

Coco:Thanks,big brother.

(After Coco uses the piece to fix the machine,they're instantly zapped to Japan)

Coco:What just happened?

(Coco walks up to someone)

Coco:Excuse me.Uh...which way to Wumpa Island?

Cortex:That way.

Coco:CORTEX!?!What are you doing here!?!

Cortex:The reason we're here is none of your business!

Coco:Who's we?

Cortex:Me and my new expiriment,Maikeru.


Crunch:What the heck's going on!?!

Cortex:*pulls a ray-gun out of his pocket* Your DOOM!!!


  • This game was set to be released on nintendo d.s. in 2011.Though it hasn't been confirmed.
  • If one listens closely,a remix of "Po Pi Po" by Miku Hatsune can be heard.