Crash the Bandicoot
PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360.
Racing, Platformer

Crash the Bandicoot is a racing game based on the style of crash tag team racing and is considered crash tag team racing 2 by some fans.

The game has hubs similar to wrath of cortex and to get to the racing level you need to complete the platformer

HUB 1: Turbo tiki way

level 1: N.sanity island, platform level, enemies: turtle, crab, lab assistant and fake crash.

level 2: Steamin in sand, racing level, com racers picked randomly

level 3: Wumpa island, platform level, enemies: spike, ratnician, stench and porcurilla

level 4: Whipped car-eam, racing level, com racers picked randomly

level 5: No eucalyptus, platform boss, boss: koala kong, enemies: crabs, grimlies

HUB 2: Fan land

level 1: Crashin N' Crunchin, racing challenge, crash bandicoot vs crunch, beat crunch

level 2: Midway?, platform level, enemies: park drone, rogue park drone, bully, robo rex

level 3: Marsupial's crash, racing level, racers picked randomly

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