This is the first game starring Crash Bandicoot's brother, CRUNCH BANDICOOT! This video game is likely, more harder than the Crash Bandicoot Game!

Heroes & HelpersEdit

Hero: Crunch Bandicoot

Helper: Uka Uka


Crunch, Crash, and Coco were all walking when suddenly, they heard a big CRRRRRRAAAAASSSSSSHHH!!!!!!! It was Dr. Neo Cortex,  Dr. N-Gin and Evil Crunch in a big Robotic version of Crunch. NeoCortex's plan was to kidnap him! Then, the robotic arms picks Crunch up and takes him to a place called Robot Land. So Crunch travels back in time. So he tries to travel back home to the past by stopping the Robots! Can Crunch use his muscular fists and save the world, or will Crash, and Coco think Crunch is gone for good!  

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