Crusher FrogTurtle
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Vital statistics
Title Crusher
Gender Male
Race Frog-Turtle-Mutant-Cyborg
Faction Evil
Health Three Bars
Level High
Status Alive
Location A sea cave in the N. Sanity Islands

He is one of Dr. Neo Cortex's new experimental cyborg mutants.


He is a frog/turtle hybrid mutant-cyborg.

He stands upright, with stubby turtle legs. He has green skin, with a dark green shell with a yellow underbelly. He has a metal jaw and yellow eyes. his right arm is a normal frog-like arm, but his left arm has a metal machine gun hand. He wears a tiny top hat on his head. He also has a short tail.

He has an scottish accent. He likes to eat flies with his long tongue. He likes to blow things up, hinting a pyromania.

He has great strength, but is no where as strong as his other, Crunchy the Crab...but he is as smart as him as well...


He is one of Dr. Cortex's experimental mutant-cyborgs, used to take down Crash once and for all.

He will appear on the fanfic game, Crash Bandicoot: Revenge of Cortex.


You will fight Crusher at a circular cave with an electric flytrap at a part of the arena. He will first start to stomp around causing shockwaves. He will then attempt to shoot you with his machine gun hand. After he runs out of bullets, he will attempt to hit you with his tongue, you must stand in front of the flytrap, THEN MOVE! It will electricute Crusher a little bit when he does this, he will then brush off the damage and attack you again. He will then repeat the process the second time, you do as well. The third time is tricky, he now not shoot bullets but will shot missles from the sky to hit you, but this should be easily avoided as well. He will then try to hit you with his tongue, use the tactic one final time to win the battle between you and Crusher.


(To Crunch when they first meet)!!!

(To flies) GET IN MY BELLY!!!


  • His "belly" joke is a reference to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

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