Vital statistics
Real name E-Co Bandicoot
Age 15 (looks like 12)
Species Bandicoot
Production details
Created by
(real life)
Voiced by Laura Bailey

E-co Bandicoot is a female Bandicoot who has quite the weird personality.


E-co 2

E-co in her normal form, with her human form in the background

While growing up, E-co has travelled to various places. Having no memory of her parents, she tried to find the answer in their birthplace, a small place known as N.Sanity Island. But when she got there,She didn't know where to go next. She just walked around in the forest,Until a small female Bandicoot ran into her. The kid looked quite shocked, and scared at the same time. After calming her down, the kid immediately apologizes, and exclaims that "She doesn't want to go back". (She refuses to say where she ran away from) E-co is quite confused by the kid,And decides to talk with her. After a while,She learns that the kid's name is Dot,And that she also doesn't remember her parents. Dot insists on staying with E-co ("So we can both find our parents!") ,And after a couple of hours,E-co finally gives in. Since then,The two are unseparable. After that,E-co decided they should find a place to spend the night. And while walking in Amethyst Forest,They found an old abandoned wooden house. After some reorganizing and some repairing, the house was theirs. But they were still kids, and what do kids need? A place to learn. After a call (And after pretending she was much older than she was),E-co managed to get her and Dot a place in the Academy of Evil. And now,They are both students there. But whenever they are at the AoE, they change themselves into Humans, o they won't get noticed. And they are still unaware of where their parents could be.

Special StuffEdit

E-co can be quite insane at times, and has a split personality. She has the power of Telekinesis, and often tries to lift people instead of objects. But when she lifts objects too big, she gets really tired.