Evil Teddy
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Vital statistics
Title  ?
Gender Male
Race Anti Bear
Faction  ?
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Level  ?
Status Living in the 10th Dimension
Location Meansville

Evil Teddy is the evil Counterpart of Teddy. Unlike Teddy, Evil Teddy stops the good Dr. Meine, Dr. Wiene, from saving the world from Meine Gas.


Evil Teddy was born in Meansville on May the 1st 1996, the same as Teddy. Evil Teddy was origanlly good, until he got a whip of Meine gas. Now He is a villian.


Evil Teddy is a boss to fight and race. You first meet him in Teddy: Neato Speedo (The first game) when you travel to Meansville which is the final world.


Evil Teddy will use the same moves as you, only more powerful. When he's ran out of powers he will use the move Blackhole. Dodge it and Evil Teddy will be exhusted. This is Your Chance to Hit him.


I'm the only Counterpart around here!!!

Evil is my middile name!

I'm the fastest thing in existance!


He can be unlocked as one Teddy's costumes if you complete the Game 100 Percent. When this Costume is being worn, Teddy will be invincible and will take off 75 times more damage than normal! Even though, Evil Teddy is Teddy's Counterpart, Evil Teddy is faster than Teddy.

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