Hari ki ka
Big green Island with hills
Map caption
Vital statistics
Type Big Island
Location 6 Feet from Wumpa Island
Inhabitants cats,hedgehogs,rabbits,bandicoots,plants.

The Island is a Big landmass with a small kingdom and Magic touch of great mojo.It's the First,sencod,and twenty ninth level of Crash Bandicoot super stars.That's when Crash,coco,crunch and aku aku land there by a big storm.


When Danny car run away at age 16,she saw a Island being formed,She went to the Island and name it after her mother,haru ki ka and became Queen when she saw little hedgehogs,rabbits and plants.when she was 22,she died for unknown reasons.She haunts the Island forever.the queen is a little creppy now.


The main area is kingdom and's also a beach.


Kingdom ki ka:It's in the final level of Crash super stars.The hura ha House:the where coco wakes up in coco adveture.


Yi.Flo.Fa af.Gar,Hari hari

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Big hammer breasts and rabbit mutants


Hearts,Crates,Ginger cookies,Chocolate nuts

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