Maxwell Cortex
Maxwell Cortex
Vital statistics
Title Maxwell Cortex
Gender Male
Race Crab (Once a Human)
Faction Neutral
Health  ?
Level  ?
Status Wandering on a Beach
Location N. Sanity Isle

Maxwell Cortex was Dr. Neo Cortex's long-lost brother.


Maxwell Cortex is Dr. Neo Cortex's brother and Nina's father. He was favoured over Neo by their parents, due to Maxwell causing problems with Neo's experiments and then blaming them on Neo. So Neo used a special machine to turn him into a crab (even though the machine broke afterwards). In fact, he was the first crab defeated who appeared in the level N. Sanity Beach. Nina was too young too remember this unfortunate incident. Maxwell might have been the same crab walking around in the first en:(:(:(:(:(:(ding in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.