Meansville image
Vital statistics
Type Hazardous
Location The 12th Diemension
Inhabitants Evil Teddy, Dr.Wiene, Evil Piggy and Evil Hans

Meansville is the counterpart of Beansville. It has a blue Sun, Red grass, Desabiled Black holes, Purple Sky, Black Trees and Conuterparts of Beansville.


Meansville orginally was a excact copy of Beansville but when Dr.Meine was born, He filled the World with Meine Gas Which turned everyone and everything evil.


The map was torn by Evil Teddy!


The left side is the Beansville places and the right side is the Meansville Places.

Bachy Beach = Wachy Cleach, Snow Slide Slash = Mount Black Snow Smash, Crakin Canyons = Cruel Canyons, Fancy Forest = Fotress Forest, Beansville Down Town = Meansville Up Town


Counterparts of Beansville live in Meansville. Here is a list of Them:

Evil Teddy, Evil Piggy, Evil Hans, Dr. Wiene and Anti Dark

Things to attackEdit

Wiene-Bots- They are counterparts of Meine-Bots. They are powerfuller than Miene-bots.

Evil Teddy Clones- They are the counterparts of Teddy Clones. They are faster than Teddy, just like Evil Teddy is.


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