N. Igma
Vital statistics
Real name Jonathan Necros Igma
Age Mid 20's
Species Human
Production details
Created by
(real life)
Voiced by Rick Miller

Jonathan Necros Igma, or simply "N. Igma", is a former teacher of the Academy of Evil, created by deviantART user *JenL


Necros grew up alone because, as an albino, he's very sensitive to sunlight, so he couldn't go out during the day. He's lived his whole life in darkness. He spent all his time by himself reading books. Mostly books about mythical creatures and magic. Because of this he developed an obsession with engulfing the whole world in darkness just so he could live a normal life like anyone else. When he was 16 he found a spellbook in the Academy of Evil library and starting learning to cast magic. His first attempt was botched and he burned all the skin off his left arm. Since it was magical damage he can still use the arm like always, except it's now skeletal (which is very cool in his opinion) and removable. After graduating from the Academy when he was 18, he joined the Scientists League.