Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male
Race Dog-mutant
Faction "Good"
Health 99 Crash Muggs
Level  ?
Status Eating Wild hogs
Location Wumpa Island

Scrapper is one of Dr. Cortex's many "failed" mutations, although not Evil, he can be very brutal.



Scrapper escaped Cortex,(he almost ate N.Gin in the process), and came to wumpa island to settle down. He hates Cortex with a passion and frequently thinks of eating N.Gin -with B.B.Q sauce. Scrapper doesn't hate Crash and Coco but has a meanstreak with Crunch, and he often tries to outdo Crunch in body building.


Want to beat Scrapper? Don't, just don't, (unless you want the skin ripped of your sorry hide) case closed. Well, he does has a phobia of large moths -he hates them. What you choose to do with this information is your problem.


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