Sydro is one of Dr. Neo Cortex's minions.


Biography Edit

  • Age: Possibly 10000 years old?
  • Species: Cyclops
  • Gender: Male
  • Home: In a deep cave in the sea
  • Personality: Evil, Scientific
  • Height: 6' 10"
  • Interests: Making inventions to stop Crash or Bass or Lass, Capturing sea creatures
  • Dislikes: Super heroes, Pointy objects, the brightness
  • Favorite Food: Any seafoods, but allergic to chickens.
  • Attire: In a submarine gear, without the helmet, his skin is pink
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Game Appearances:

Quotes Edit

  • I am ... going to get you!
  • Taste my narwhals!
  • Is that all you got?
  • Chickens? Ha-ha-ha SHOO!
  • That octopus is not a jellyfish!
  • Surrender, Crash, Bass!
  • This can't be good (Being nearly defeated)
  • Nooooo!!! It can't be! (Being defeated)

Inventions Edit

  • Lava Monster Suit (Used in Crash Bandicoot: Wumpa Adventures)
  • Narwhal Sword (Used in Crash and Bass)
  • Narwhal Tooth (Used in Crash and Bass and Crash and Bass 3: 7 Lost Worlds)
  • Mecha Bandicoot II (Used in Crash and Bass 2: Save Lass)
  • Frozen Beam Shooter Gun (Used in Crash and Bass 3: 7 Lost Worlds)
  • The Ultimate Wood Chopper (Used in Crash and Bass 4: The Curse of Dark Wumpa)
  • Piranha Gloves (Used in Crash and Bass 4: The Curse of Dark Wumpa)

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