Vital statistics
Full name Tânia N. Emy
Age 25 (birthday January 23rd)
Species Human/cyborg
Production details
Created by
(real life)
Voiced by Helen King


A Brazilian woman and graduated student of the Academy of Evil, Tânia N. Emy lost her parents in an accident when she was still young, and, in the same accident, got lost from her little sister (who is still alive and is still in Brazil). After getting to the Wumpa Islands somehow, she was found by N. Igma and Ben Thorn, and later adopted by Madame Amberly and matriculated in the Academy of Evil, where she also met Claudia Patterson and Neko (who became her best friend). After graduating, she worked as a teacher in the Academy of Evil for some time before moving back to Brazil in order to search for her lost sister (whom she never found), but now she's back to the Wumpa Islands to accept a job as a Exorcism/Physical Education Teacher in the Academy of Evil and another in the Evil Public School (only as a Physical Education teacher).


  • She shares, with her best Friend (Neko), a crush on N. Igma
  • Her hair and eye colors are natural
  • The origin of her last name (N. Emy) is unknown, it comes from neither her Biological Parents, nor from Madame Amberly
  • She lost her arm in an Unknown accident (not the same where her parents died and her sister disappeared)