Teddy The Bear Neato Speedo is the first installment in the Teddy series.


Intro- Teddy and Piggy start there day by throwing rocks into the sky. The rocks hit a evil Scienctist, Dr.Meine's ship. Panicked, Doctor Meine pressed all buttons on the ship which made the ship to fire at Teddy and fall to the ground. Teddy and Piggy bare shocked whats happened to Teddy. They decide to get Han's house to find out what has exactly has happened. But, Dr.Meine ship has fell to the ground and is blocking the way. Teddy and Piggy must enter the Lair of the Evil Scienctist.

Ending- After Teddy, Piggy and Hans finally deaft Dr. Meine, He returns with millions of scares. He fires at Piggy, But he ends up in his Brain. Meanwhile, In Piggy's Brain, Piggy grabs Doctor Meine's leg while saying "You're gonna love it at our house, Dr. Meine" . He and Dr. Meine stare to the left and see a half broken house with loads Piggys living in it. As we exit Piggy's brain, Dr. Meine screams at the top of his voice. The game concludes with Teddy, Piggy and Hans doing a High Five.


Beansville Neighbourhood

Zippy's Mansion

Bachy Beach

Fancy Forest

Jappy Jungle

Snowy Mountian

Castle Catastrophe

Beansville Uptown

Dinosaur Dash

Casual Cowboys

Vile Volcano



They can be unlocked by collecting all the crystals, joker cards and destroying all robots in a level.

Daisy- Teddy's teenage sister.

Toddy- Teddy's super smart brother.

Teddy- 10 year old bear.

Piggy- Teddy's best friend.

Hans- Teddy's 2nd bst friend.

Dr. Meine- Teddy's mortal enemy.

Evil Teddy- Teddy's evil twin.

Anthony- A giant ant.

Anchove- A german fish.

Zippy- Teddy's Evil Neighbour.


Teddy The Bear Neato Speedo has two sequels. One is Teddy and the Beast and the other is Teddy Gladiator.


Crystals- Used for money and unlock Bonus Levels.

Honey- Gives you more health.

Joker Card- collect all of them in each level to unlock a dream level.

Tramperline- You will be able go higher when you jump on them.

Chance- Gives you a extra life.


Dr. Meine

Mrs. Teach-ya

Meine Frog





Uncle Sid


Meine Cheetah

Ping Pong

Big Loot

Meine Destroyer

Tiki Totem

Evil Teddy

Meine Solution