After the events of Crash bandicoot Returns Dingodile has turned Cortex's old lair into his house( Due to the fact that Crash and Cortex accidentally destroyed it in twinsanity). Dingodile decided to become a good guy or just a antihero. One night he gets a call from a faraway place known as metropolis saying that they need his help. This gave Dingodile a second chance so he took it. When getting to Metropolis Dingodile finds out that a evil ghost is planning on revivng his master. Dingodile confronts this monstrosity unfortanely he was too late. Dingodile travels through the many worlds of the Crash bandicoot universe and helps many characters along the way. Dingodile confronts the evil one that caused this mess and defeated him. Now this story has been passed on to many centuries. If you get all percentage you will see an ending with all of the Crash Bandicoot characters at Dingodiles house throwing a party. After a few dances the game ends.

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