Unima in his warrior-style [not armor weared]

Unima is neutral/evil character from game called Crash Bandicoot: Hearts Together . He found The Clock, that we weared on his arm and he disappered. Nobody knows, what happened to him.


He's brave and miserable man. When he was child, he failed at fights. He was bullied and that made him strong and powerful. He didn't have muscles, but his strength made him "cool".

His childhood was kinda sad, because his parents died, when we was 3. His granddad took care of him. So, he grew up as "good" man.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He's slim and tall. His eyes are white. His hair is short and black and it has got dark-blue stripes. His skin color is mixture of white and blue [he had skin condition once]. He has got one huge scar at his back and few bruises at his face. In one concept art, there's Unima's skull. It's kinda unique, because it has got diamonds at teeth. It's, because he had once diamonds at his teeth, because he ate them a lot as baby.

Voice actorEdit

Unima's voice actor is Nolan North.

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