Waddah Island
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Vital statistics
Type Rainy
Location At the N. Sanity Islands
Inhabitants Papu Papu and his villagers, Crusher FrogTurtle and his mutants, and other creatures

This is an island that is found at the N. Sanity Islands.


It is a jungle island that is constantly raining, but due to it being near the ocean, the water simply goes back to the ocean. In Waddah Island, their is bountiful fruit that is delicious!

Some say that the reason it rains is due to an angry rain god.



Rogu's Boar Farm: A boar farm owned by Rogu, a free pig-mutant. He also guards the path to the higher part of the island. He will give people the key if they are able to get past his obstacle course while riding one of his boars.

Papu Papu's Village: This is the vilage Papu Papu and his people went to after too many disturbances from Cortex.

Waddah Beach: A dreary place that is unable to swim at due to the cold rains.

Waddah Sea It is an area of the ocean that is part of Waddah Island.

Crusher's Cave: An island that is only a cave that connects to another island. It belongs to Crusher FrogTurtle.


Papu Papu and his people live in the island after being to tired of Cortex and his mutant's destruction.

Crusher and his frog mutants also live in Crusher's Cave.

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Wumpa Fruit, of course. Their is also different kinds of fruit as well.

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